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Role Advice Process (RAP) - Role Change for Chloe

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This thread is an example of a Role Advice Process - Role Change as practiced by the Ian Martin Group.

It is used when staff want to make a change to their role.

See the IMG Role Advice Process (RAP) Guide for an intro/description of the process.


This RAP considers the possibility of ending my current role, and taking up responsibility for learning & development, performance management practices and programs.

Current State

Why am I doing this advice process? What steps led to this?

A few months ago, I participated in a Keep/Stop/Start exercise in which numerous people encouraged me to do another RAP to find out what’s next: to explore myself, my why, what I want to do/contribute, and who I want to be.

I picked up a task to start a 'people & culture' discovery process with some of our people. We made a proposal, and Jaiyush suggested our organization needed a Teal coach with no delivery responsibility, to be available to help people use the Teal OS.

My responsibilities committed to in my last RAP were nearing completion. So all signs were pointing to another RAP!

What contribution am I currently making to the team? What’s working well? What could be better?

My current main role has been to get the Ops team up and running. We have now put in place the people, processes and tools to get this humming. I'm delighted with progress of the team, and it's time for me to step back and let them work.

Unplanned problems occur from time to time, and the team is able to work through these. I'm confident they no longer need me to be there every day, and happy to check in periodically as a coach to help with improvements.

What am I good at? (strengths, skills, knowledge, experience, competencies)

People tell me I have good people skills, strengths in organization design and implementation, leadership and management competence. I have been working with our company for over 5 years now, and recognized as a change leader.

What do I love to do? (passion, purpose, play, engagement, learning)

I love making sense of complex situations, helping people identify purpose and develop skills to achieve success - and having fun while doing this!

What could the business need from me?

We have introduced a new way of working. While this is attractive to many people joining, it can be daunting to comprehend and to understand how to thrive. As the company grows, I think the business needs my experience and caring support to help new people, and nurture leadership.

What questions do I have for my advisors about my current role?

I'm interested to hear what my advisors think - if they agree with my assessment, or think there's more to be done.

Future State

This RAP contemplates the possibility of taking up the learning, development and performance management work that is not currently assigned. I am also open to advice related to other needs.

Could I increase my impact by shifting or changing my role? In what ways specifically? What would be gained? What would be lost? Who would assume my current duties? 

Greater attention on our people and culture programs and practices will help people currently working in our company to excel, and new people joining to onboard more successfully.

My work would directly help improve recruitment, onboarding, human connection, wellness, performance management, learning and development, compensation and benefits, and people and culture collateral.

There is a lot of interest in our work and practices outside our company, and there's a real opportunity to share our experiences and raise profile of the good work we do together.!

Does the role currently exist, or am I looking to create a new role? What would success look like in this new role?

This is a new role, although builds on some work we are already doing.

Success looks like more people unlocked to do meaningful work - we will see this in staff participation, morale, retention and recruitment - and be seen to be a great place to work!

How do I feel about this potential change? What am I worried about? Excited about?

I'm excited about the potential for this role. It is a role I believe will give me great joy.

There's still so much to learn, and to consider about how practices at other organizations may benefit us, and how they may need to be adapted. I'm also a little worried about the energy commitment, particularly if interest outside our organization grows.

What questions do I have for my advisors about my future role? What do I want to explore or know?

Thanks for being my advisors. I'd love to hear what you think about this, and if you see there is a real need for this work in our company.

Specifically, I'd love to hear about what work is important to you, and if there is a suitable title.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on recovery of costs to help other organizations? This has been voluntary so far.


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I am starting a RAP - Role Change and I'd love to have your advice.

Please let me know if you are willing or unable to be my advisor.


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Jaiyush Devi
Tue 30 Aug 2022 5:42AM

Thanks for including me as advisor in your RAP! Happy to be going on this journey with you.


Vivien Ivanov
Tue 30 Aug 2022 5:43AM

Thanks for including me in your RAP 🙂


Mary Wang
Tue 30 Aug 2022 5:45AM

What an amazing self assessment and thank you for including me on your RAP journey!


Takashi Kim
Tue 30 Aug 2022 5:46AM

Thanks for the invitation, Chloe. However I'm away for the next couple weeks on vacation.


Jaiyush Devi Tue 30 Aug 2022 5:47AM

I enjoyed our conversation today about your RAP. Here is a summary of our discussion plus some further insights.

My advice here is to lean into this type of work, not only because of your expertise in the Teal O/S, but also because I think your personality and disposition is suited to this type of conceptual and discovery work.

Here are some suggestions for title:

  • Head of Organizational Development

  • Head of Organizational Behaviour

  • Head of Learning & Development


Vivien Ivanov Tue 30 Aug 2022 5:47AM

I'm excited about the outcome of your RAP. The People & Culture initiative would greatly benefit from having a dedicated person/initiator to help move along all the work you've outlined above.

I too believe this work is very important.

I can't advise on title, so defer to Jaiyush's suggestions.

Helping other organizations will help us, and it is wonderful if others had the ability to experience self-management too! I'm less interested in recovering costs.


Mary Wang Tue 30 Aug 2022 5:47AM

I want to start off by saying that I especially love this RAP in particular – specifically because it focuses on something you are extremely passionate about, good at and most importantly makes your heart happy.  You were open and vulnerable in your self assessment, which I think this is especially commendable as so many people are afraid to explore the areas they love or are passionate about and fear that change. 

You have identified a need in the company, and it is something that you can be happy doing – it’s a WIN-WIN!


Sanjay Garcia Tue 30 Aug 2022 5:48AM

Chloe y yo tuvimos una conversación maravillosa, llena de amor y aprecio por el privilegio y la diversión de nuestro trabajo juntos.

Preparé algunas notas antes de que nos reuniéramos, incluyendo consejos de que, al trabajar en programas, consideren cómo funcionarán sin usted y describí algunas actividades específicas, objetivos de diseño y prioridades. Mira mis notas aquí.


Chloe Miller Tue 30 Aug 2022 5:49AM

I really appreciate your very practical advice and comments so far! Thank you! 🙌

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