Wed 25 Apr 2018 9:34AM

Cossie $

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Clarity around the Invoicing process for Cossies who are contractors.
Bucket Reports-especially the transaction report-when this is received it does not reconcile with claims that have been lodged. Suggestion to include the claim number on the report.


Deleted User Mon 30 Apr 2018 7:14PM

Something I have heard in the Cossie space that I find confusing is the language around 'collective' and 'collaborative'. My understading is that all Cossie's are collective members, and may still be in coaching phase of membership. Collective members can either be paid as employees or as contractors. Collaborative members are like partners to Jeder. In the Cossies space this could be orgs like MyPlanManager. I have heard people speak of Collaborative Cossies which I think actually means Collective e Cossies who opt to act as contractors for payment.


Jason Emmins Tue 8 May 2018 3:30AM

Hi @kerry63 and @michaelakennedy and @rachael... just wondering if this is something we need to have a bit more of a discussion about as the coaches and then discuss within the relevant locations we work? There is a bit of confusion around the terms being used.


Deleted User Wed 9 May 2018 3:23AM

From the Tues 1st May: Yvonne and Kerry have a similar understanding re above


Deleted User Wed 9 May 2018 3:24AM

Happy to talk Jason, is your understanding different to what I outlined above?


Jason Emmins Wed 9 May 2018 10:08AM

Hi Kerry- there has been some discussions at the monthly Cossie meetings and we spoke with Michelle and Sara around this and will be presenting a bit of a open space around this at the Cossie gathering. Hopefully we will have a good outcome/understanding from there.


Michaela Kennedy Sat 12 May 2018 5:48PM

I think Kelly Cox and Sara would be good to participate in this discussion as they have been working in this space a lot.


Deleted User Fri 3 Aug 2018 8:05PM

How did we end up with a separate cossie group working on $ without input/knowledge of the $ Jedi?


Michelle Dunscombe Sat 4 Aug 2018 5:07AM

Good question Kerry. I wasn't aware there was a Cossie finance group until recently it seems counter productive.


Michaela Kennedy Sat 4 Aug 2018 3:22PM

It is a small, short term group that is only working out a couple of options for CoSsies to keep track of and manage their money. It does not affect any other part of the organisation.


Deleted User Mon 13 Aug 2018 7:34PM

Could you post the harvest here? there are some things in the cossie handbook re $ that I find confusing. This might help to clarify.