Thu 25 Aug 2022 2:06PM

Deciding our Strategy

JD Jaiyush Devi Public Seen by 6

This thread is an example of how you can make decisions in Loomio.

As a member of the board, how will you vote?

In our last general meeting I accepted the action to lead the work on developing and agreeing our 5 year strategy.

We have completed an analysis of risks and opportunities, and drafted an initial strategy in this document:

Please read the draft and participate in the discussion - your thoughts and contributions are really important to achieving a strategy we can agree upon and that you're excited to be part. 馃檶


Takashi Kim Thu 25 Aug 2022 2:15PM

It's great to see this work come together, and I'm excited about the next 5 years! 馃檶


Vivien Ivanov Thu 25 Aug 2022 2:15PM

We are faced with a climate emergency. Advice is that we need to go beyond compliance on climate reporting and proactively consider climate-related risks as part of our strategic thinking and opportunities. I'd like to see a greater focus on this in our 5 year strategy.


Jaiyush Devi Thu 25 Aug 2022 2:21PM

Thanks for raising this Vivien.

@Mary Wang I would love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve our 5 year strategy 鉂わ笍


Mary Wang Thu 25 Aug 2022 2:22PM

Keen to help. I'll discuss a climate response strategy with @Vivien Ivanov.


Poll Created Thu 25 Aug 2022 2:25PM

Approving the 5 year strategy Closed Thu 28 Sep 2023 5:00PM

I have enjoyed facilitating our work together on the 5 year strategy. Your participation in this process insures we have considered all concerns and co-created a strategy we can be proud of.

So we are now seeking approval from members.

For adoption, we need at least 75% of members to Agree.

If you Disagree, please state why.


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 71.4% 5 JD MW CM SG M
Abstain 14.3% 1 TK
Disagree 14.3% 1 VI
Undecided 0% 0  

7 of 7 people have participated (100%)


Jaiyush Devi
Thu 25 Aug 2022 2:46PM

Great work team!


Chloe Miller
Thu 25 Aug 2022 2:47PM

Thanks! I'm happy with the work on hiring strategy for diversity/equal opportunity 鉂わ笍


Vivien Ivanov
Thu 25 Aug 2022 2:47PM

Thanks for your work on incorporating the climate urgency into the strategy. It is a big improvement, however I am not seeing sufficient budget assigned for this to be effective. Can the budget be doubled for this work?


Takashi Kim
Thu 25 Aug 2022 2:47PM

As I am not yet a member, I abstain from voting.

It is great to see all our work get to this stage 馃檶


Sat 27 Aug 2022 12:07PM

Thanks for all your work!