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Do Boren! Closed Sun 22 Apr 2018 5:01PM

Let's say you decide to do Boren. What would that mean?

The "absolute necessities" you would get from Boren:
- Healthcare!
- Recognition of the prestige of the Fellowship, and the resulting 'cred' as you move forward in your career
- A strong opportunity for professional development, though it would be dependent on good networking to secure you good placements with useful organizations
- Language training
- what else?

The "nice to haves" you would get from Boren:
- Experience in a new country (Ukraine), especially one where there may be more opportunities for career advancement in your field
- A leg up on federal hiring
- More freedom to design your own path
- Host family stays in Ukraine would connect you more deeply with others (and make your spouse feel that you are a little safer/taken care of)
- Intensive, self-designed Russian language study
- what else?

The 'luxuries' you would get from Boren:
- Hanging out in beautiful Odessa on the Black Sea
- Easier for friends/family to visit because of no visa requirement
- what else?

So what do we think? Are these reasons compelling enough to DO BOREN?


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Ingrid Korsgard
Thu 19 Apr 2018 8:40PM

I think that my necessities, in general, are: 1) Healthcare 2) Language training 3) Opportunity to get additional experience in my field. Boren fits these, except potentially for the the third.