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There's lots of agreement with the various threads about having an online component, and suggestions for platforms and content, with a goal of having as much virtual participation at this year's natgat as is possible with our energies and skillsets.

Let's use this space to lay out some next steps, start to list actionable ideas, and identify how we individually can contribute to making this happen.

Loomio is great for the discussion part. Have created a new pad for gathering together lists, docs etc. that come from these discussions.

Online Component WG


Jackie Wed 7 May 2014 3:28PM

I can contribute to organizing documentation, links, schedules, media posts, etc.

I can outreach to a few groups and people for online participation.

I will most likely be at home during natgat and can contribute my time and very old computer for whatever is needed - opening and closing sessions, being in computer contact with folks on the ground for coordination. [Clarify: Computer, not phone, unless it is on a headset through google voice, skype, etc. I am hard of hearing and the ambient noise on regular and especially cell phones is excruciating.]

I think we need multiple people in each of these roles, and in shaping what this day looks like before proceeding.


Jackie Sun 18 May 2014 2:38AM

What's the next steps?
It'd be great to start getting commitments from folks for any part of this from admin/docs to who wants to do a skillshare, etc. or outreach to invite folks, to livestream commitments at events in other cities, all sorts of shit. What does this online component look like?


Tricia Sun 18 May 2014 10:46AM

To be simple we can make a Tumblr which could blog the events and post the Livestreams


Sea Sun 18 May 2014 11:52AM

This online component getting going, is being delayed because we still can't make a good decision. Justin must be kept out of certain discussions. His proposals in the "Reparations" disccussion and in the "organizing not planning" discussioins, screwed up the discussions.


Sally G Sun 18 May 2014 2:04PM

Let’s not worry about who should or should not be here, and just GSD.


Sea Sun 18 May 2014 2:42PM

What is GSD? Where are the decisions? Solidarity is being blocked. Except for Interoccupy, nothing continuous has been achieved n 3 years. Natgat 1 and 2 made no noticeable improvement to our movement. Natgat 3 is destined to not accomplish anything either if we don't agree on solidarity and if our decision making is being twisted and convoluted, here, at the natgat, and today in Sacramento at our GA.
The first thing Cal told me was that Occupy is fatally flawed.


Julia Clark Sun 18 May 2014 5:51PM

@sea you have to accept that the Occupations are infiltrated, learn to identify the infiltration areas and work around it or even find a usefulness for the infiltration.
One of my networks is completely blanketed by intell contractors. I now mostly use it to learn and teach the different working patterns of the analysis and their respective companies..

Even if it is being blocked that means it is getting noticed.
I was complaining to one of the JC Occupants about the way the #AmericanSpring was hijacked. He said, if they are complaining they are hearing. I think we are much more Solidarity than is being flauntingly seen.
Was I mad to be made fun of yet again, sure I was. But I also learned that my selective letters are getting through and that the hankering (lack of better word) is strong.
Or that is was some weird counter operation aimed to discredit, either way it was recognized. . . A kind of a damned if they do and damned if they don't art place for them, yes?


Jackie Tue 20 May 2014 2:17PM

GSD=Get Shit Done


Sally G Tue 17 Jun 2014 12:25AM

I talked with Niki on the Media/Outreach call on Saturday—where was everyone?!?—and she was suggesting that we focus on Net Neutrality one day—I think it was Friday—and get a big online component going that day. As we protest local ATT, Verizon, etc., folks at a distance could do a Twitter storm, take to Facebook, etc., coördinating with us on the ground, spreading around any live streams, etc. Thoughts? Do we have the resources to do this effectively?


Poll Created Tue 17 Jun 2014 6:44AM

1AUG14 as Full Press day MSM and NetNeutrality Closed Fri 20 Jun 2014 6:09AM

A creative day to live stream and really go full press on the MSM and net neutrality by going full press online while on the streets. =) Lots of costuming and floats for the live streamers and lots of characters for the Instagrammers, maybe Jerry Brown will join us on that day and tell us he's going to ask the Attorney General to sue the Feds for us to get Diablo Canyon Shutdown for Good!

Local Targets like CNN FOX ABC, PBS and NPR would be my preference, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Google anything like that.

Meet at Capitol head out on the march by 8:00 a.m. be done by 11:00 a.m. then everyone can go pool party or something until the dinner GA, go to Starbucks and upload for free while having a ice coffee, etc., etc.


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Wed 18 Jun 2014 4:32AM

Not sure what this has to do with NatGat 14's online component.

I'd rather focus on creating space for many groups to join us in person & online during what ever events are happening.


jemcgloin Tue 17 Jun 2014 12:42PM

Net Neutrality, while important, is not a widely known issue. Most people don't know what it means, and will be bored by the explanation, and msm will profit if its gone. It is good to educate the public about this attack on the internet, but it is not a good issue to build excitement and get msm attention. Water, or the lack thereof, is a gut level issue, and that seems like a much better way to reach out, although it is easy to get people mad at you when you propose solutions.


oswgwhe Tue 17 Jun 2014 1:07PM

Would you weigh in more on the water issue on the discussion about August 1 and 2? Here's why. In Sacramento our planning group can't really function well. Therefore when those two days happen, we'll have to accept that people will insert more than one activity or issue to focus on. However the schedule is being developed. A big event is going to be a professionally organized Energy conclave, maybe about the railroad dragging oil tanker cars through Sacramento on the way to the Bay Area, and also fracking. So I hope the water component of all this is emphasized. Also, State officials will be more receptive to us if we think we're trying to help them with their Stage 2 Drought which is getting worse each day.


Toad Ficca Tue 17 Jun 2014 2:08PM

I fully agree. While net neutrality is very important, it is complex. I still believe that water is far more important to address, and keeping it to drought, river re-routing, fracking, etc. is important. And, it is okay if other ideas are expressed on that day as well, but if you need a focus, I recommend that one. my friend will probably be addressing Monsanto issues as her main focus. I will attempt to be knowledgeable about fracking and keeping our diminishing water supplies clean. Also, as far as live streaming...I thought it was a Women Occupy group that live-streamed with New York's Occupy Sandy after the hurricane? They were really good at it...and I was able to keep up in Idaho...maybe time to contact other groups outside Occupy Sacramento as well? (I know I am probably preaching to the choir...but reminders are good!) I know NPR has an archive of practically everything Occupy has done...that they covered...especially Occupy Sandy. It may be good to contact that dear and loving media outlet! Or, am I behind the times? Thanks, Toad.


cres vellucci Tue 17 Jun 2014 3:23PM

Just weighing in here (if this has already been mentioned, sorry)...one way to get "experts" of some of these subjects (fracking, etc.) is to invite in other groups that do this work. Not only do we then get credible spokes on issues, but hopefully increase our mass. Since Sacramento is the Capitol of CA we have a plethora of groups here involved in lobbying and/or grassroots issues.


Sally G Tue 17 Jun 2014 10:20PM

I think Brother Carter is working on outside groups? We should be probably be Tweeting/Facebook posting on local chapters of FWW, 350.org, Sierra Club, etc.—all the usual suspects. Anyone have a list? Next party is Thursday, noon East Coast time, probably 2 hours.