3/9 AArcata Collab Show "Vague On Purpose" Sam & Izuriel curators

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LINK TO PROPOSAL: https://www.loomio.org/p/nvGtDaPI/3-9-aarcata-collab-show-vague-on-purpose-sam-izuriel-curators

Samantha Davalos [email protected]

Hi folks!

I have been in contact with a couple of members of the outer space community about doing a collaborative arts alive show, perhaps in March. I will be at work during your meeting tomorrow evening. On this email I am attaching both artist's statements and documents with photos of our work. We would be stoked to experience the opportunity of showcasing our work at outer space because we feel that our work supports and is inspired by the philosophy that is the foundation of a shared do-it-together community.

Looking forward to hearing from you Fond regards Samantha Davalos and Izuriel Marquez


Artist Statement

Izuriel Marquez
Growing up in a low-income community in the San Fernando Valley was both a burden and gift. In a city with fast food restaurants at every corner and poorly paved roads, there was not much for a kid to do. Fortunately, for this reason, I grew up with a pencil and paper to pass my time, and therefore created an outlet to understand the battles I faced, and the ones encountered by the people around me.
My imagery currently consists of cartoon dog-esque figures that I like to describe as comically absurd. Although my work isn’t bound to one medium they are mostly pen and ink collage drawings on paper. I use anything at my disposal if it strikes inspiration in me. Drawing is a result of a ritualistic habit of trying to escape my troubles, it allows me to self-reflect. Engaging in art is both my sanctuary and my tool to navigate the world with a language that I understand best and one in which communicates with all: visual art. I hope through my art people find comic relief from their daily troubles. And explore the world of my silly characters.

Artist Statement

Samantha Davalos

As a Child Development major we study the ways in which to observe children within the
boundaries of methodologies that allow for the cataloging of competencies and standards. This in turn allows for the formation of an ideal normative behavior where typicalness can be presented in patterns. By including American Indian Education in my studies I am given the opportunity to witness those ways in which child development as a discipline has been structured so as to not to acknowledge other ways of considering the development of children and familial dynamics. The American institutions contain an absence of vast information exchange because in order for that institution to continue it needs to impose its own formalities, and ultimately limit the access and exposure to perspectives of thinking and being. It would weaken the foundation of the initial structure to allow for the expression that acknowledges the presence of a dominant narrative seeping in from all directions.
There are archaic schools of thought still in place, and there could be a shifting in the ways in which we communicate and converse amongst each other where there is not a focus on controversy or being at odds with one another. Since our ability to be in relation is our greatest strength. Perhaps there was a time when being neutral was an option. However, now is not that time. Thresholds of responding and using our voices in the various ways that voices can be presented is needed. Such as a pen being dipped into ink so that it may flow on a surface and paper being placed together to symbolize a metaphor. Meaning that responding does not have a definitive appearance. Thus, expressing the multiple intelligences that are available if we are willing to see with our eyes wide shut and our ears attentive. It is a choice to dismantle within so without.