Statistics from Phase 1

RS Rochelle Stewart-Allen Public Seen by 350

From the initial feedback form on Govt.nz here’s what we discovered:

50% of respondents already knew about the Open Data Charter
66% of respondents see value in NZ adopting the Open Data Charter
33% of respondents are aware of the current NZ principles
66% of respondents see value in the current NZ principles

Preferences were:

50% "Adopt the ODC, lose NZDIMP"
33% "Adopt the ODC and keep NZDIMP"
17% "Keep NZDIMP, do not adopt the ODC"


Aaron McGlinchy Mon 5 Sep 2016 1:04AM

An alternate lens of the data above might be:
50% keep NZDIMP, and possibly adopt ODC (or not).

Given that an equal number of people felt there was value in ODC as in current NZ principles, even though fewer people were aware of the NZ principles vs ODC, it suggests that there is good buy in to the NZ Principles (at least in theory if not completely in practice).

So, I don't think the first step on a (possible) path to adopting ODC would/should be dumping NZDIMP. I'd suggest you're looking at either a situation where they compliment/co-exist, or there is a transition over time from one to the other (if only one is deemed ideal).

NZDIMP is relatively simple/digestible, my brief reading of the ODC stuff seems that whilst it covers lots of good stuff, there is a greater level of detail which is not always that applicable/approachable to those at the coal face. ODC is quite all encompassing, meaning there is stuff in it that doesn't seem particularly relevant to my situation (and I'm guessing many different organisations would say the same thing about different aspects) - my initial sense is that adopting/endorsing ODC as an overall government position may be OK, but that implementation within underlying government organisations (especially as you drill down to smaller and/or more specialised organisations) could be problematic in the sense that not everything in ODC is relevant/applicable to everyone (though there is a core that is). So who would be responsible for what - do agencies pick and choose what they adopt vs different 'sectors' given guidance on what they need to focus on... Some things would come at additional cost - who pays for that... Some things would be better run/managed at a higher level rather than each individual organisation replicating effort...

In a sense NZDIMP is already like a practical representation/subset of the elements of ODC that govt agencies could generally be expected to implement.


Cam Findlay Wed 7 Sep 2016 12:43AM

@aaronmcglinchy great analysis on the stats :smiley: From this and some of the other threads you've raised I think there is room to open a thread on a particular topic of exploring what implementation looks like in practice should the two guidelines co-exist. I'll look to summarise what you've raise and get that going, perhaps it's time to also raise a first proposal in that new thread.