Tue 18 Jul 2017 10:57AM

Commons and Social Solidarity Economy - "Content" questions

AME Ana Margarida Esteves Public Seen by 19
  • What do we exactly mean when we talk about "public policies" and "regulations"?

-Which public bodies are our natural partners? The European institutions? National governments? Municipalities? Given the prominent role progressive municipal governments, such as that of Barcelona an Naples, are gaining in the Commons/SSE field, shouldn't we give more attention to the development of alliances with municipalities, as well as the diffusion at the European level of "best practices" regarding collaboration between Commons/SSE actors and municipal governments?

How to promote the sustainability of Commons/SSE initiatives by developing "ecosystems" based on synergetic funding and the establishment of supply chains and economies of scale among participants?


Peter Kominka Tue 8 Aug 2017 2:20PM

Look for the Common Goods and Public Services Intergroup of the European Council and define how to enroll for a Public Service Participant .That is the first step toward a civil organised Public Service Supply Co.