Rainbow Serpent ~ Apocalypse Parade

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Survivors of the brink will march out with a message to all those who dont know what the apocalypse sounds like.

Costumers and Production:

-Christy Binary


Fyodor Krasniy Wed 9 Dec 2015 3:04AM

Everyone who is interested in participating:

-Bring us your old clothes
-Your rough body measurements
-junk that you'd like to wear


Christy Binary Wed 9 Dec 2015 3:09AM

I am keen to get involved in the making stuff for people to wear aspect of this...I make apocalyptic clothes (camo, leather, circuit boards, metal, animal bones etc etc) so am happy to contribute, especially if people have ideas for stuff they would like but not the materials/equipment/know-how to make it happen :D


Fyodor Krasniy Wed 9 Dec 2015 3:12AM

Great! Ok we'll need as many people as we can, theres a lot of stuff to be made, so ill keep everyone updated. Can you please list your available times for group meetings?


Christy Binary Wed 9 Dec 2015 10:23AM

Sweet, my availability between now and rainbow is as follows.

friday 18 dec all day
saturday 19 dec (until 5pm)
most mondays, fridays and weekend days in January after the 5th

Then after rainbow i am away all of February (earth freq)... After that i am available mondays and fridays (any time)

Happy to share my google calendar if that helps? I only work 3 days a week (tues-thurs) but also run my own business and dj a lot, so whilst i am available most mondays and fridays, sometimes other things pop up :)


Fyodor Krasniy Sat 12 Dec 2015 1:59AM

Cool! Cool cool.. I just spoke to my photographer he might be interested in doing a group shoot for us just out of interest of the theme [he's that kinda guy] So, I'll start getting some more things together and we can do a mockup of the parade / photoshoot with everyone dressed up


Fyodor Krasniy Sat 12 Dec 2015 2:10AM

Also, just as a reference, these are photos from WinterValk parade [the people I associate with and where a lot of my parade ideas are stemming from]



Ariane Bingham Mon 4 Jan 2016 3:57AM

how is this going to work? we need a cohesive plan to make sure its not a flop?


Fyodor Krasniy Tue 5 Jan 2016 3:03AM

Ok so Ive just compiled the people needed to do this, going to start messaging everyone now ~ Will update this later today.