#HousingID: Digital Identity on homebuyers side of RE ecosystem

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Moving Twitter thread here so we can thread discussion more easily and invite others into OPEN decision making process. @Ubitquity_io wrote:

"We're interested in @openid (possibly RESO), and HousingID for developing digital identity standards for home-buyers side of the real estate industry globally. UBITQUITY platform can take advantage of open standards. Support from Customer Commons, @MITCRE needed."

@RealEstateCafe replied to CUSTOMER COMMONS and others via Twitter.

"#HousingID: @4thibeau @dsearls @CustomerCommons Let’s start workgroup re Digital Identity on #homebuyers side of transaction! #RE2020 #VRM"

As an OPEN standard, my assumption is that multiple stakeholders should be invited to participate. Which organizations / individuals might that include, and should the process begin with seeing what already exists within RESO, MISMO standards?


Bill Wendel Thu 16 Nov 2017 2:22PM

Link on tweet below is disabled but the premise underlines the importance --if not IMPERATIVE -- of allowing #homebuyers to control & monetize their own digital identity, hence importance of developing an OPEN STANDARD for #HousingID's: http://bit.ly/OpenBuyerID @RESO_RETS #RE2020



Bill Wendel Mon 22 Jan 2018 3:53PM

Why is it essential to develop an OPEN #HousingID? 1.3 Trillion authenticated transactions on 5 billion biometric devices will make social security numbers obsolete "Right now, we're implementing a biometric facial recognition, #blockchain-enabled system to replace SSN" @AGowasack of @truststamp at #ICNY