Pivots & smart failing lessons from the recent real estate startups

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Disrupt, reform or realign real estate: Opportunities to connect dots & build synergy

FLASHBACK (10/07/17): A question asked yesterday in Entrepreneur Magazine has been echoing across the internet this year: "Is it time for real estate to be disrupted?" The question is appropriate but too simplistic if it fails to recognize decades of failed reform efforts and that hundreds of millions of dollars have already been spent on start-ups that have failed to break up the real estate cartel.

That's not a defense of the existing business model, hardly. It's a plea to step back and engage in some "smart failing" -- learning from hard earned lessons of the past, so that any effort to disrupt or realign the industry NOW can be more efficient and effective because it's informed by a more comprehensive perspective.

To do that means starting pre-internet.



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Three years ago, Entrepreneur Magazine asked "Is it time for real estate to be disrupted?" Earlier this year, Bloomberg / Business Week echoed that opportunity with a two-part headline that read,

The Housing Market Is Ripe for Tech Disruption
The process of buying and selling a home in the U.S. is needlessly inefficient. That will inevitably change.


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