Fri 21 Aug 2015 3:02AM

Testing slack integration for demo

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You know that this is a context


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David Best
Fri 21 Aug 2015 1:55PM

I like it! Action elements are now Buttons.


David Best Fri 21 Aug 2015 1:51PM

Hi back!


David Best Fri 21 Aug 2015 2:13PM

Three comments:

  1. The Comment Form is identified by JAWS with the Role plus the aria label, so JAWS announces this Form area as:

"commentForm Form". The aria label should just be "Comment". Change the attribute to name=Comment.

  1. I noticed that some aria region Landmarks and Headings are all uppercase, while others are lowercase starting with an uppercase letter. Is there a reason for this text label style? For example JAWS says:

"PROPOSAL region

Heading Level 2 PROPOSAL"

"ACTIVITY region

Heading Level 2 ACTIVITY"


commentForm Form

Heading Level 2 ADD A COMMENT"

  1. In the "PROPOSAL region" the


Current votes"

is displayed in a Table format with 2 columns and 4 rows. Is there a reason for this format style?

A) Can you combined the and into the Heading tag "Heading Level 4 Current Vote Positions"?


B) Put the "Current Votes" in a Table ?


C) Put the summary "20% of members have stated their position (1/5)" in a or element?



Richard D. Bartlett Thu 27 Aug 2015 8:45PM

Thanks @davidbest I'm just processing that feedback now.

Regarding the CAPITAL LETTERS - that's just a stylistic thing for the visual look and feel. However, I'm surprised that JAWS is picking up the capital letters, as we've just applied that effect using CSS "text-transform: uppercase". The labels are not uppercase in the DOM.

For the votes:

Currently there is a html table for the pie chart legend. The first column shows the colours used in the pie chart, the second column has the positions and totals: agree (3), disagree (2), etc. I don't think it makes much sense for that to be in a , but I'm not sure of the best element - maybe just a list?

Then there is the participation measure: "20% of members have stated their position" - I agree that would be good to have in a or .

Maybe the legend and the participation measure should both be in a ? They're explaining the graphic.

The current positions are in a list, which makes sense to me because that section can get very long and sometimes we will want to hide it. Perhaps the list should have a label though?