October 21st at Anarres Health - can we send out a newsletter?

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@eastendemma - can you do this this week?

October 20th: Horse Therapy at Haley's Aunt's Farm
Interested in taking a trip out of the city and connecting with some horses? Join Haley on October 20th for exactly that! Limited Spots, please RSVP to @haleyk : haley.kurtz99@gmail.com

First come, first serve. Cannot guarantee space if you don't have a car. We love you but transportation is sometimes hard to arrange!

October 21st:
12pm-4pm: Conscious Minds Co-operative Members Meet
Co-op organizational exploration and decision-making. Email us at: info@consciousmindscoop.ca for more information, to request to join the co-op, or to attend as an observer.
On the Agenda:
1) Developing CMC Sundays at Anarres Health
2) How do we make/who do we trust to make everyday financial decisions for the co-op?
3) How do we organize around different opportunities?
4) What does information access/decision making look like for different groups in CMC
o General Coop Members
o Organizers
o Elders
o People consistently activating their livelihoods
through CMC
5) How Can we use Loomio to address our needs?
6) Mobilizing a CMC Social Team!

5pm-9pm: Conscious Minds Camp Reunion!
We miss your faces! Join us for a potluck dinner and chill. Been to camp before? We want to spend some city time with you!
email us at: info@consciousmindscoop.ca for more details!


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Yes I have seen this, is it possible? Maybe. Im not sure. Emma would know better.