Write up of the Theory of Change Workshop

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The following notes are the result of a ‘Theory of Change’ workshop which was facilitated by Polly Robbins (Outlandish) on June 4th 2019. The aim of the session was to get agreement on the main aims, outcomes and actions of the Neighbourhood Forum. These notes are a starting point and can be added to and adapted.


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Jonathan Ward
Dorothy Newton
Lawrence Singha
Susie Barson
Elizabeth Lowe
Polly Robbins

“The aim of the Finsbury Park and Stroud Green Neighbourhood Forum is to influence and shape the local environment through the planning process, in a meaningful and effective way, that meets the needs and aspirations of the diverse communities in the 3 boroughs.”

We decided that these broadly ranged from aspirational to practical:

  • FPSG is a better place to live and work
  • Local communities are part of a stronger community
  • An ‘ideas collective’ forms
  • Businesses and residents are participating
  • Diverse communities are engaged Steering group meetings are attended by at least 9 people from diverse backgrounds and all * 3 boroughs
  • The work progresses to time and effectively
  • Work creating the plan progresses meeting aspirations
  • The plan is influenced by and reflects views from a significant proportion of local residents and workers from all demographics
  • All statutory positions are filled
  • There is a policy that influences development for the better
  • Grants are applied for, and appropriate consultants appointed
  • The plan is accepted by referendum, and thus the council

We decided that these broadly fit into some sub categories, as shown below:

Engaging the wider public and diverse communities

  • Raise awareness amongst local businesses and residents about what the FPSGNF is and how they can get involved
  • Publicity
  • Flyers
  • A regular newsletter that informs people of what FPSGNF is doing (we need a newsletter sign-up on the website)
  • Website
  • Word of mouth
  • Host an interesting and engaging public event attended by at least 50 (?) people each year
  • Attend other local community public events to get people involved in FPSGNF and get them to take an active role and therefore expand out membership
  • Identify key movers and shakers in the areas who share our vision. Target them specifically
  • Revisit the topics and have meetings dedicated to each one (e.g housing, open space)

Get our internal structure and processes solid

  • Have regular well attended forum meetings
  • Get the forum members elected
  • Get the steering group members elected
  • Make sure the wider public is aware of what the official roles are and that they can put themselves up for election

Writing the plan

  • Forum sub groups write policy