When, where & how shall we hold our next Working Retreats?

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General discussion between members of the Working Retreat Circle


Luke Flegg Sun 10 Jan 2016 9:41PM

Hey Circle friends.
Sarah - you asked the other day about venues for our January "who are we" Working Retreat.
Synergy centre is an option if we send a proposal and whatever we want to contribute soon, but Coachwerks is definitely going to be juicier methinks and Matt sounds keen.

So it's already 11 jan, so what do we fancy doing?

I also wonder if you share my feeling that this conversation/activity space i want to hold on exploring the why of CTF (and possibly deciding if we want to reset/'start again properly') could work with not against the Working Retreats we've proposed successfully.

For example, this possible option excites me (but this is just a [what word did we call it?] thinking aloud idea)

  1. Jan = Who are we
  2. Feb = What do we want to do with CTF (start again, fresh?)
  3. March = How we make decisions + self organise
  4. April = ??? I feel really excited leaving this totally open to respond to whatever emerges at the time. Surely if the previous 3 Working Retreats happen, then there will be more than enough interest & participation, which I'm sure we can make coherent, inclusive, relevant and generative..

What do you think?


Luke Flegg Sun 10 Jan 2016 10:03PM

Also 2. could be broken into two parts perhaps?

a. For more experienced/conjured CTF people who have the most sense of ownership of CTF, have given the most, to decide what they want to do with their community

b. A more open to the public (but i think I'd like to redirect some of my energy previously spent trying to involve the whole world more towards targeting a handful of people/communities/events/networks who are already looking for a community like this (but with a strong, shared vision to open it up, de-bubble, un-silo and avoid being a cult or a club for philosophers; i don't want us to entrench ourselves into segregation from the true diversity of communities we're trying to create an inspirational model for...assuming that's even what others in our community want to do. I'm sure i would like one of our objectives to be setting an example of a beautifully successful model for a community; adaptable, but with definitions and ways of being & working that shine hope for today's broken schools, orgs and cities..)

So Working Retreat 2a: what do we want to do with CTF?
2b: open it up to non CTFers to join our fresh start/new approach (Andy Paice for example said he was very keen to partake in this part of the forming if a new intentional community, but didn't feel right having a say in deciding what happens to the existing CTF now)


sarah hopkins Mon 11 Jan 2016 8:46AM

Hi Luke, thanks for initiating this discussion.

I agree it would be good to use our formulating Working Retreats as opportunities to discuss the issues you have highlighted.

For me, at this stage, I really want to (very simply) explore 'Who we are' and 'Why are we here/ What do we want CTF to be'. I feel reluctant to think beyond these initial questions at this stage.

In terms of venue and dates, I would be keen on Coachwerks, and happy to hold a WR each month until April.

I would suggest a date between 18th and 31st Jan for our first WR.