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altruism Wed 12 Sep 2012 3:04PM

Flaburgan, I think you have a very important POINT when you write "... 'how subscribe' linked to podupti.me which explains how to choose his pod.". I do not how many people have asked me about this. Why so many servers? Is there any difference? How should I know which one to choose? What happens if the server I choose dies? Etc etc


Flaburgan Thu 13 Sep 2012 7:37AM

@Altruism : Thx, I could write the text about it.

What about a pad where we can start to write the content of the new platform ? I create it : https://framapad.org/diasporaproject-org

Once we will agree about the structure and the page, we will put the content of each page on this pad and we will give the link to everyone who wants to translate it :)


Sean Tilley Thu 13 Sep 2012 4:46PM

Yeah, I think figuring out copyediting (writing the stuff that goes on the actual website) will be important.

I have some ideas about how the general structure could be done. If you want, I'll paste my thoughts on there in a bit.