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Diemin tiedotus (Euroopanlaajuinen sähköpostilista)

VS Ville Saarinen Public Seen by 747

Täältä voi lukea DiEM25:sen sisäisen koordinoinnin lähettämiä sähköpostiviestejä ja pysyä ajan tasalla. Viestit ovat edelleenlähetetty [email protected].


Lauri Snellman Wed 21 Sep 2016 7:22PM

Pystyn tulemaan kokoukseen n. 2130-2145 (2030-2045 Keski-Euroopan aikaa.)


Lauri Leponiemi Sun 25 Sep 2016 4:38PM

En onnistunut loggaamaan tuolle uber platformille mun gmail accountilla. Toisaalta mulla on tuolloin illalla my;s luento, ett' en tied' miten kerkeän paikalle.


Diem25Finland Sähköposti Mon 26 Sep 2016 7:40AM

Dear all,

Did you all receive this morning's newsletter? (If not, double-check your spam folder and membership)

We are moving forward quickly! DiEM25's Progressive Agenda for Europe ( https://diem25.org/progressive-agenda-for-europe/ ) will make DiEM25 a force that nobody can ignore. Whenever there are elections, we plan to rub this agenda under politicians' noses and ask them if they support it, and if not, why not.

The policy papers guidelines (https://diem25.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/160920DiEM25_PolicyPapers_protocol_EN.pdf) encourage DiEMers to get together and develop concrete proposals for our first three topics:

  1. Transparency

  2. Refugees & Migration

  3. the European New Deal

Every proposal must come out of the collaboration of at least 5 people. These people can work together in any way they like (e. g. in a few weekly local meetings, a long workshop, online forum discussion, email exchanges, a series of Skype calls, tools like Liquid Feedback, carrier pigeon - whichever), as long as they all agree with the final document they submit as a group. We expect that a lot of people will prefer to collaborate in-person, so don't be surprised if there are newbies at your next DSC meeting (assuming you announce date & location publicly). Note that we do not expect the whole DSC to talk about one topic and come up with a common proposal for that topic. DSC members probably have different interests, so the DSC should just facilitate the discussion: creating subgroups of people who will work on a particular question or organising public events on the topic in order to bring in more people from your city. Read more about this in the Policy Papers Protocol ( https://diem25.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/160920DiEM25_PolicyPapers_protocol_EN.pdf ).

The policy paper coordinators will make questions available in order to facilitate the process. For now, we only have the questions for the European New Deal, which you can find at https://diem25.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/160920_DiEM25_European_New_Deal_Questionnaire_English_Final.pdf . Feel free to come up with a proposal for just one of the questions, you don't need to answer many or all (it will be a very long Whitepaper).

Lastly, let me clarify a misunderstanding regarding the Transparency and Refugees & Migration papers. We do not have a draft paper for these. In fact, we do not even have the questions yet - the chairs will release them shortly. We will start from step 1 here, too, we just skip the Assembly step because we already had assemblies on these topics. The discussion results from the assemblies will be integrated into the first draft of the whitepapers for these, along with all of your proposals.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Carpe DiEM!

Judith Meyer

Volunteer Coordinator


Diem25Finland Sähköposti Mon 26 Sep 2016 7:54AM

Italian DSC:t pyytävät DiEM25:ltä virallista tukea "EI"-kampanjalle Italian perustuslain muutosta vastaan. He katsovat Renzin ehdottaman perustuslain muutoksen olevan kokeilu demokratian alasajolle Euroopassa. DiEM25 kerää parhaillaan tietoa lakimuutoksesta ja sen vaikutuksista Italian parlamentaariseen demokratiaan. Myöhemmin aiheesta järjestetään jäsenäänestys, jossa kysytään pitäisikö DiEMin olla mukana tässä kampanjassa vai ei.

T: sähköpostivastaava-Tuulia

Dear Judith, dear all,

around all of Europe international finance has planned to empty democratic constitutions. For example very well known is the openly stated intent by JP. Morgan. Everywhere in Europe in every single member state, up to european parliament too, the toxic plan is to enforce "governabilty, governance" at the expense of a true, democratic, parliamentary debate and out of a real european citizens control.

Such a plan is now experiencing a crucial phase in Italy, where, in an authoritarian way, actual delegitimized government has imposed a fraudulent constitutional reform wich will be yet submitted to referendum next autumn (the exact date has not yet been set).

if citizens do not respond NO to the referendum, the government may decide on all the main bodies of the state and therefore will nominate Constitutional Court, Supreme Judicial Council, President of the Republic. Parliament too will be directly nominated (although passing through symbolic popular elections).

We Italian DiEM25 firmly believe that Italy is being used as an experiment: a bit as it happened with "Job Act" (experienced before successfully in Italy and now exported in France, see the Loi Travail) fraudulent constitutional reforms will be soon exported all over Europe, if they succeed in italy.

For this reason we ask again that CC want to officially support the campaign for a No to the Italian referendum on so called constitutional reform.

DiEM25 can't hope to democratise Europe while the democratic constitutions of its member states are emptied of meaning according to a general authoritarian drawing.

Dear Judith, please tell us if this is the right place to extend our renewed appeal or what else we have to do to forward it directly to CC.
The time is running out and the matter is ever more urgent.

Thank you very much!

Antonello Nebbia
heard DSC Rome1


Diem25Finland Sähköposti Mon 26 Sep 2016 8:21AM

Torstaina, 29.9. klo 20.00 CET transnationaali DSC-kokous, aiheena yleiset DiEM25:n liittyvät asiat. Kokous järjestetään internetissä kerran kuussa. Torstain aihe: läpinäkyvyys.

T: sähköpostivastaava-Tuulia

Dear Comrades and Colleagues,

Thanks to Wessel for the advance notice about our meeting. Unfortunately I was unaware that UberConference was already sending out notifications automatically as a follow up to our first meeting in Ireland over a month ago. I had not noticed that this was happening so I have now cancelled that notification. I shall be using Maestro Conference for our upcoming meeting because it gives us the option of a plenary session (with all participants) and the option of forming smaller break-out groups for discussions during the meeting. So, ignore any message that suggests we are using UberConference this time! It is one of the options we may consider for other meetings.

Because I was "flying blind" and did not know how many people might participate, I had set an arbitrary limit of 25 for this one. Nevertheless as soon as I see the numbers registering I have the option of increasing that limit to accommodate everyone who wishes to attend. The sooner you register the better, as that will give me advance notice of any changes that I need to make.

When you have registered, you will receive confirmation by e-mail. After that you will receive a reminder 24 hours before the meeting and again a "wake up" reminder a few hours before the meeting starts.

The aim of this meeting is to support the development of a united DiEM25 Movement across Europe by providing a platform for members attached to local DSCs as well as indivdual members who find it difficult to attend face-to-face meeting in their own country. The agenda/topics for discussion will be decided by the members of the group. Before each meeting attendees will be polled for their suggestions for the next meeting's agenda.

The Provisional agenda I suggest is:

  1. Introduction and advice about using this conference system for those who have not used it before (5 minutes)

  2. Short discussion to share ideas on how this monthly online DSC meeting might proceed (10 minutes)

  3. Main topic: (50 minutes)

I am taking a recent email from Judith as a prompt. A copy of the "Building DiEM25’s Progressive Agenda for Europe" lists the first three policy areas. I attach a copy of that document. May I suggest that we focus on the first item - Transparency and see how much progress we can make on that.

Note also that there will be no minutes or summaries supplied after the meeting, but I shall record the proceedings (part of the MaestroConference facilities) which can then be shared afterwords with members of your home DSC in the form of an audio file. You will automatically receive a copy if you registered but were unable to attend.

There is one other topic I would like you to give me feedback and advice on. I first heard about plans for a new Europe back in the 1960s and was enthusiastic about the prospect. We spoke then about "Our Europe" as "Europe of the Peoples", and "Europe of the Cultures". I am always impressed by the multilingual ability of our European citizens, yet at the same time (perhaps it's because I am from an Irish and Central European ancestry) I am sensitive to the need for respecting other languages and providing space for them, and especially for Minority and Lesser-Spoken languages. At present, members are kind enough to use English as a common language, but for the benefit of our discussions I wonder would you like the small group break-out sessions to provide for language differences by organising (and depending upon the number of participants), say, sub groups for English, French, German, or any other language necessary, initially. We might make more progress if participants were speaking in their first or preferred languages. A rapporteur for each group could then report back to the plenary group in English. At some stage in the registration process you may be asked to nominate your preferred language. If you have views on this you can contact me at [email protected] Be sure to include "DiEM25" in the subject line.

Register: You may now click on this link to register: http://myaccount.maestroconference.com/conference/register/RENZ39MQD5F9NONK If this link does not work for you, just cut and pasted the URL into your browser.

I am very excited and enthusiastic to be part of this development. I look forward to meeting you and any other members of DiEM25 that you encourage to attend. Let's make it a fruitful and interesting development.

Best wishes,

Tony Pratschke



Tuulia Reponen Wed 28 Sep 2016 11:19AM

Dear Diem25 democrats!

Great that you would all like to join the first "Democracy in Diem25 DSC" or DiD meetup! Because we're already 17 strong, we'll need to use another conference platform, which will be the "Freeconference" platform.

The link you can use to join the meeting is the following: https://hello.freeconference.com/conf/call/6564356

We don't have a lot of experience yet with this platform, so it will be a bit of an experiment (don't get upset when the connection fails).

We have a collaborative agenda for the meeting, which can be found here: https://toolsfordemocracy.titanpad.com/2? Please add anything you like in case you think something's missing.

We're looking forward to talk to all of you on Wednesday (starting 7:45pm)!

Democratically yours,

​Manuel Rodriguez-Girones
Pedrojuan Girones
Wessel Reijers​


Diem25Finland Sähköposti Wed 5 Oct 2016 7:23AM

Dear all,

During our last DSC Lyon meeting, one of our mambers (a former green MEP) raised our awareness about a European Commission's public consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights (http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?langId=en&catId=699&consultId=22&visib=0&furtherConsult=yes) which deadline is at he end of December 2016. We think that DiEM25 should mobilise its members to contribute to this public consultation. Given the deadline, we shouldn't wait until the third pillar of our Program's green paper is issued. More generally, we think that DiEM25 should use these public consultations to position itself in the domains related to the movement's strategic objectives. Indeed, these consultations are already used by all sorts of lobbyists, and we think it would be desirable to use the power of the numerous DiEM25 groups and members to expose our vision and to promote our propositions.

What do you think?




Diem25Finland Sähköposti Wed 5 Oct 2016 7:24AM

Dear Jacques,

I think this is a very good idea to position DiEM25 in this relevant consultation asap.

I will discuss it with Amsterdam DSC.

I believe we first should all align before submitting a response.


Best regards,



Diem25Finland Sähköposti Wed 5 Oct 2016 7:26AM

Hi Judith & everybody,

is there a way for us to bring such matters directly to the CC? Seems like this would be exactly the kind of job that the CC has been designed for and going through this volunteer mailing list seems a bit convoluted - not to mention that it created extra work for you (Judith) and a great load of intransparency.



Diem25Finland Sähköposti Wed 5 Oct 2016 7:28AM

Dear all,

Several CC members are reading this list

I'm following this exchange and all other topics with interest.

Be sure that important topics and proposals are discussed at the CC teleconferences with the whole CC.

Best wishes,


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