Sat 15 Sep 2012 7:57AM

TBANZ Working with Like-Minded Organisations

EM Emma McGuirk Public Seen by 49

Hannah Mackintosh Sun 23 Sep 2012 6:01AM

Thanks Emma!

I've been in touch with the asksharegive people and we are going to catch up for a coffee to have a chat about how we can support each other. They are planning on getting it going in Wellington pretty soon as well.


Emma McGuirk Tue 25 Sep 2012 5:50AM

Hi everyone,
wow great responses here, thank-you! I'm excited to hear that you're going to meet up with the asksharegive people Hannah, that's excellent. And great idea Paul about providing links on the community weaver homepage for each timebank.
p.s. I actually haven't contacted them yet myself, was waiting for more input from dunedin timebank committee, have got that input now (basically that everyone thinks the asksharegive website is fab! and also, that there are somethings timebanks can do more of perhaps that asksharegive, e.g. reach out to and include people who aren't online, or who need extra support) so, will write to them soon.


Joybells Tue 25 Sep 2012 10:16PM

Thanks Emma once again for a great summary and the links. I checked out A/S/G staright away and found some good connections. I personally would like to be able to have a link on the front of our CW2 site to ASG, freecycle which is very active in Kapiti, Ooby etc with a little update ticker tape thing when one of those groups had a listing that was relevant to my specific area. Would be a good way to keep members engaged with looking at the CW2 site and new requests and offers and I am all for supporting and working with new and exisiting similar groups. Look forward to feedback on your meeting Hannah. A member of Otaki TB shares their woofers when she has someone staying that has time available for meeting TB requests.


Danyl Strype Thu 27 Sep 2012 3:40AM

Great idea Joy. I've been envisioning a similar interconnection of services on permaculture.org.nz.