Mon 24 Feb 2020 6:23AM

Holo-REA project requirements

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In the funding subgroup meeting last week, @Noah Thorp @Tom @Ferananda Ibarra @Sid Sthalekar asked @pospi to provide a list of wants & needs for developing & deploying Holo-REA. Below is the evolving list of "ideal world" requirements- the things we would love to have if we were blessed with limitless resources.

The purpose of putting them all down is to debate, assess and prioritise them! Please feel free to add your own, especially if you see omissions in roles & activities that you feel are required for responsible and ethical undertaking of the process.


Bob Haugen Tue 25 Feb 2020 12:04PM

One more, can't believe I forgot:


Bob Haugen Mon 24 Feb 2020 10:41AM

Possible additions to outputs (if people like the ideas and run with them):

  • data-driven network diagrams, eg for resource flows and agent relationships

  • recipe editor

  • valueflows/REA card game for learning


Sid Sthalekar Wed 26 Feb 2020 12:31AM

Got it.
Regarding the legal entities: @Tom could you share a few details about the structure you're using? I remember wondering to myself how it could stay out of the AML/KYC + securities regulations. As a general theme, Singapore's also a great place to build such structures, especially for Asia. I can share insights from my experience on this.


pospi Tue 25 Feb 2020 8:12AM

you mean HoloREA facilitates their dev as sample apps?

That sounds accurate. You want to build real apps first and then abstract from there, rather than trying to create a framework to begin with and predict all possible apps. More here.

does a task management board fall within HoloREA's universe?

Yep. That was (perhaps still is) seen as the first cab off the rank, because it allows us to dogfood Holo-REA by using it for tracking contributions in developing the project. I already started porting an older project to work with it- it's been done before.

What did you mean by legal entities to move away from statist taxation?

There's a fairly distinct infrastructure / service provider split in a lot of this. With what @Tom is doing, investorengine is a framework that anyone can use to create their own REA-enabled portfolio management company. But that isn't much use without brick-and-mortar companies in various legal jurisdictions (Fractal Innovation Pty Ltd, in @Tom's case) who have done the paperwork and regulatory compliance to be able to handle tax-free investment structures. We need more of those in other regions in order to avoid funding bottlenecks & centralisation.

The same goes for PEPPOL e-invoicing for taxations. The government wants all providers to be registered with a centralised database, which again means there will need to be registered agents in various places if people want to streamline their taxation with REA accounting software. Different scope, similar issue.


Sid Sthalekar Tue 25 Feb 2020 5:48AM

Looks good. Could you clarify:
- For the user facing applications mentioned, you mean HoloREA facilitates their dev as sample apps? Also, does a task management board fall within HoloREA's universe? Or is the point to showcase how it expands to such applications as well.
- What did you mean by legal entities to move away from statist taxation?


pospi Mon 24 Feb 2020 6:41AM

Output-based contributions (things #somebodyshould do, but doesn’t matter who)

  • improving REA learning material

  • creating tutorials & developer documentation

  • documenting real case-studies

  • ethical guidelines / demonstrative scenarios for implementors

  • blog posts, articles & research papers discussing & critiquing the protocol and technology

  • log CoMakery batches for:

    • proposed user-facing applications (mutual credit wallet, network event stream, task management board, inventorying system, multilateral trading marketplace / offers & wants matching service, cross-org “Promise Manager”)

    • an orientation process for new group members

  • more legal entities for asset securitization and portfolio management, to help the ecosystem move away from statist taxation


pospi Tue 25 Feb 2020 8:17AM

Definitely. A lot of this is intended to keep end-user engagements accountable and safe from exploitation. For example- I'd prefer facilitators working with those communities to be handling us, rather than providing our own facilitation frames. I'd like design ethnographers present in order to provide unbiased reflections on the process as well as to keep us accountable.

What's not mentioned is that I'd like educators and trainers to be trained up on how to engage with marginalised communities. So maybe they cover the "conversations" part, maybe not... might be some more roles needed to "train the trainers", or perhaps more informed types of contributors who could run those conversations autonomously?


Sid Sthalekar Tue 25 Feb 2020 5:50AM

Any plans to develop a conversation with the end users? Or do you think this is a primarily 'B2B' project?


pospi Mon 24 Feb 2020 6:45AM

Tried to add "App & user interface developers" to the above, but Loomio seems to be throwing a fit...


pospi Mon 24 Feb 2020 6:40AM

Role-based contributions (team members it would be cool to have)

  • collaboration on governance & ethics (requires designing an EoI process)

  • designers (product, UX & UI)

  • Rust developers

  • facilitators for collaboration (ideally from the communities affected by potential works or the client organisation, to help correct power imbalances)

  • design ethnographers to observe & document collaborations

  • practitioners, educators and trainers (educating community on why REA is important / where & how it should be used)

  • umbrella ValueFlows project coordinator / partnerships & CRM manager