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If you have clear intentions for this Loomio group, you could share them here so everyone has an idea of what they want to achieve together.


Blake Santifer Robbins Thu 14 Jan 2016 5:40PM

Here because I buy wholesale plants.
Here because I'll always want more plants.
Here because we can regionally and nationally share bulk/group purchases.

Eg: 5000 root stock shipped to one site then redistributed to 5regional sites. this really could cost the same or less than even a dozen individual purchases of 100-1000.

Eg: 20 #1 potted goumi shipped into your bioregion from our conglomerates purchases somewhere else during a 200 #1 potted plant purchase for a farm.

An opportunity for our building a community driven network allowing a majority of us better access to plants/seeds etc...


Claire D'Gaia Wed 20 Jan 2016 1:47PM

Here because I love networking, and am praying for my 'niche' , right livelihood to be doing what I love - growing organically veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers, seed saving, seed sharing, propagation, teaching people how to grow their own food. Wearing Earth under my fingernails. I study Permaculture, have taken 1 design course and always studying with others, learning so much, like making biochar for example. Grateful to discover this site! I live in sw Missouri -Springfield area. Blessings.