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PART 3: do you think this high tech part look ok? Closed Tue 18 Jun 2013 8:00PM

  • using your smartphone or tablet for teaching

  • pocket internet

  • wireless mice

  • electronic boards

  • recording audio and making videos (smart phones, audacity)

  • using google drive or dropbox

  • buy your own e-devices (HDMI cable, smart phone, speakers, etc.)

  • work off line (Beta, pre-streamed videos videos)


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Max Sun 16 Jun 2013 8:04AM

what is Yahoo fax me? How often would the average JET use in this for lesson planning?


carla paloma Sun 16 Jun 2013 8:11AM

yahoo! fax me is a silly name. My co workers fax things and use shit Yahoo!. I got all of my co-workers to use their email and online calendars. This is more for the ALTs. I think using bing or yahoo! for searching for materials is a nightmare.