EllakCy material for Conference Booths

DD Dimitrios Desyllas Public Seen by 39

As part of my contribution in EllakCy I think I can give speeches in various conferences promoting our projects (check them out in https://github.com/ellakcy).

Therefore, I would love if we could have some promotional material in order to be able to set up a booth offering flyiers and various material (stickers pins, USB Sticks etc etc) in order to promote free software.

So I want to ask if such material exists. So far I think a tablecloth with our logo and some flyers would suffice. So, in conferences such as Fosscomm I could set up a booth. Also, it would be usefull in our goals as well if we could have a flyer with some general information about us.


Theodotos Andreou Sun 3 Nov 2019 7:25AM

No we don't have any such material. We should at some point but now there are more important things to take care.