Wed 27 Nov 2019 7:43PM

Customizing css (Loomio 1.0 / angular).

ELP Edward L Platt Public Seen by 78

I need to customize the css for a local instance of loomio. It's based on the angular-based code, not the new 2.0 code.

I've modified client/angular/css/1_layout.scssand the changes are reflected in public/client/development/angular.css, but when I visit the website, the browser is still seeing the old version of the css file. The browser cache is cleared and disabled, so that's not the problem. How can I get the css to update?


Robert Guthrie Thu 28 Nov 2019 4:25AM

Hi @Edward L Platt are you using the docker based system to host this?


Edward L Platt Thu 28 Nov 2019 4:48PM

Nope. Rails 5.2.2. developing on os x, will have production on Ubuntu.


Robert Guthrie Thu 28 Nov 2019 8:24PM

Hrrm. Ok I'm sure we can sort this out.

Are you running rails s, plus gulp dev, and is your browser downloading the development css? Can you see your changes in the css file downloaded?

Any reason why using the angular rather than the vue based system? I plan to delete the angular client in early 2020.


Edward L Platt Thu 28 Nov 2019 9:21PM

Yep, rails s and gulp dev. The changes are visible on the filesystem but not in the browser. It seems like it's being cached somewhere, but I have the cache in chrome cleared and disabled. I've tried grepping the filesystem for the CSS, and the only copies there are the new version.

I'm using a modified version of loomio for my PhD research and started it before the Vue system was out, so it would be too late to switch at this point.


Robert Guthrie Thu 28 Nov 2019 9:30PM

Can you give me access to the code so I can try running it myself?


Edward L Platt Wed 4 Dec 2019 4:23PM

Code is at https://github.com/elplatt/loomio-netdelib I should probably try running it on another computer just in case my university computer has some weird proxy configuration I don't know about.


Edward L Platt Thu 5 Dec 2019 1:36PM

OK, I've verified that the problem isn't specific to my machine.


Robert Guthrie Mon 2 Dec 2019 4:44AM

@Edward L Platt is Loomio serving the files via port 3000 or port 4000? It should be 4000, as that's where the dev server is.

If it's 3000 then it might be serving production built assets


Edward L Platt Wed 4 Dec 2019 4:24PM

It's serving some assets from 3000 and some from 4002. The style rules in effect are coming from http://localhost:3000/client/development/angular.css. Where are the production assets located?


Edward L Platt Thu 5 Dec 2019 1:38PM

Can you give more clarification on what you mean? When I run "rails s", it starts a server on 3000. Should it do something differently?