Fri 8 Nov 2019 7:43PM

Community Boards and Mural Area

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This note is document next steps in installation for the community board and mural area for the PPAC archives. As mentioned in our last two member meeting and in numerous individual conversations, a community board and a mural area are going to be installed on the front of the building.

History and Ongoing plans:

Seeds to Soil received money to fund the materials and installation of the community boards and mural area to highlight urban ecology This funding allows S2S to experiment with different ways of communicating and meaningfully connecting with our neighbors and community including PPAC.

With this in mind, Seeds to Soil purchased a six foot long community board which will provide a way for Seeds to Soil & PPAC to post information about things happening both at the Guild and in the neighborhood. The community board will be installed under the 424 numbers on the front of the building. Description: The community board is an all-weather board with locked glass doors. It is a six foot long, magnetized white board allowing for flyers and written notifications to be posted.

The second area, is the mural area which will be to the left of the key card door to the 2nd floor. A framed 4x8 piece of wood will be mounted to the wall. On a seasonal basis (every 4 months), a new mural will be exhibited outside the building with art that reflects seasonality, urban ecology, and hopes for NYC's future ( themes are in development)

On Sunday, November 10th, both of these areas will be installed along with a third installation on the roof. That community board will be mounted on a wall on the roof to provide information about the care of the garden along with any additional information such as rotating meditation prompts for the labyrinth garden. This additional community board was gifted by the manufacturer after they sent us the incorrect board.

In terms of the rotating mural, a framework is being developed for submissions. Currently it looks like this: Submissions are open and will be judged by a panel of 5 people: a neighbor, a neighborhood organization, an artist/curator, someone from the Seeds to Soil team and a scientist focused on ecology.

Seeds to Soil will host a potluck brunch for people to come and listen to the artist talk about the mural and their work mid month starting in January and continuing every 4 months after. The first submission date is tentatively, December 15.

Artists can determine which they would like to do at the end of the mural's time on the Guild. Artists can either take down their work (to donate/take it with them) and then reinstall a new 4x8 framed board or allow the next artist to paint over their work. Happy to receive feedback on the submissions framework.


Jerone Sun 10 Nov 2019 9:10PM

I've created a google form to capture requests for posting from the neighborhood. It's a V.1 I just wanted to get up on the board so it looked inviting! I posted a link to it here:

If you want to edit the form, just request access and I'll give it to you: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oXzqQFSvFFAmgxR0DUDj-IFaqLQMakHvQCj_4NgY9KU/edit

For the record I'm not sure who will manage this, but I'm happy to in the beginning. @michellejackson you too, maybe?


Jerone Sun 10 Nov 2019 9:42PM

Re: Mural plywood -- Fred says we should let him know if we ever need to swap out the plywood -- because the bolts go into the stucco wall, he wants to be here to make sure the holes are plugged and waterproofed when the new plywood goes in. He says he's happy to do this free of charge.


michelle jackson Sat 8 Feb 2020 4:34PM

Closing the Loop. Mural and Community Board was installed at end of year 2019.