Sun 12 Oct 2014 9:11PM

WDC draft plans for Onerahi/Raumanga cycle/walkway 2014/2015

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This discussion is about the WDC proposed plans for the Onerahi/Raumanga cycle/walkways to be implemented in 2014/2015.


ash holwell Wed 15 Oct 2014 4:07AM

links just go to Shared Space signs..


Shane Jansen Thu 16 Oct 2014 9:45AM

Thanks Myles for the post.
Had a good look and see that the Beach road section has a range of widths. 3 m, 2.5 m and 2 m depending on available space and other features. Quite a chunk is 3 m.
Am torn between off road path and shared space. Would love to see a shared space as an exciting possibility but it is a big ask for residents. However I fear that an off road path will lead to increased traffic speeds as drivers learn to no longer anticipate walkers and cyclists on the road. I also note that the proposed path is at road level on the sections that connect with the road. Is this a good thing?

Agree that we need to promote maximum width on multi-mode paths as the 2.5 m is proving too narrow in Tarewa Park and the loop walkway.


Mark Garry Thu 16 Oct 2014 8:02PM

Thanks Shane for the prompt to study exactly where the path is. On the speed issue - surely there is a need to lower speed along Beach Road anyway in the future regardless of pathway. 30km max along entire road, and slower even around by the jetty. No speed bumps though!!


Paul William Doherty Thu 16 Oct 2014 8:32PM

Beach Road is a shared space now - the only problem being that sometimes - not often fortunately - motorists go too fast. If there were "Share the Space" type signs and attractive physical cues - like bollards here and there in the traffic lanes - then nothing more needs to be done? Some good examples in the UK....


Spending a whole lot of our money on a narrow concrete path, where they are not needed, when there is a cheaper and better solution?

I suggest we get a group together to progress this discussion and how to engage the community. I'd like to conduct a monitored trial it using hay bales one sunny Sunday - with WDC and residents' approval :-)

Then do something similar on Riverside Drive ;-)


ash holwell Thu 16 Oct 2014 8:43PM

I wonder if we could help out the cause by applying for a Creative New Zealand Quick Response Grant, funding some of the work through the arts and giving the opportunity to a few local artists to create new public work?

Grants can be applied for up to $7,500 and applications for the next round close on the 31st Oct.

The proposal could be for an artistic process that lead to a final work, including a trial with haybales + community/council discussion, and doesn't necessarily have to be a set sculpture, installation etc. from the outset.


Jeremy Busck Sun 30 Nov 2014 6:36PM

How about designing and building a cycle/walkway that minimizes interface with vehicles. Do it once do it right, raise the bar for cycle/walkway standard in Whangarei.
Where possible build a board walk off the edge of Beach Road foreshore.
Take the cycle/walkway route around Pah Point.
On the Riverside Drive portion to Waimahanga take the cycle/walkway as close to the foreshore edge as possible away from the traffic.
Build a fly over through the mangroves to meet up with the Waimahanga Track.
The more council puts into this project the more it will get out of it and the greater the success will be shown by the numbers that flock to use it.
When designing cycle/walkways the fun element must come first and the fear element must be eliminated.
Get the fun part right and tbe commute part will follow.
These ideas are not new, I have been puting them forward for over 20 years.
Next project should be the rails for trails Whangarei to Hikurangi


Myles Green Mon 13 Apr 2015 9:02PM

Hi all,
Draft plans are out for the Riverside drive portion of the Onerahi/Raumanga cycle/walkway.
The attachment shows a possible separation between the road and cycle/walkway, another option is a wire rope barrier, or some combination of both. I'd like to get your feedback on these ideas. I will feedback these comments to reference group. Cheers


ash holwell Mon 13 Apr 2015 9:17PM

Actually looks quite good. Good to have non-fenced barrier I think (so no wire rop) - maintains visual and barrier-free connection between drivers and cyclists whilst still allowing safe separation.

Key will be what happens at the bridges - are they extending the width of bridges? Also key are transitions around the roundabout and at other places - ie how do cyclists who want to go up Onerahi hill shift to other side of road, how are cyclists right-of-way protected at Kissing Point entry?

Also, is 1m verge necessary? 0.5m verge and 4.5m cycle/walking lane? Maybe it seems wide though two 20kmh cyclists crossing each other whilst others are walking requires space: width = futureproofing.


Myles Green Mon 13 Apr 2015 9:26PM

Attached are two plans covering the bridge sections. Plans show a new 2.5 wide attachment on both bridges, so cycle/walkway will narrow from 4m to 2.5m at bridges.


ash holwell Mon 13 Apr 2015 9:35PM

Doesn't seem like there's much consideration of transition at bottom of Onerahi Hill..

2.5 at bridges isn't bad, though coud be much better - why go to the effort of adding on and not making it full width now to avoid future bottle-necks and more work?

Surface quality will also be important - the small dips between sections on most of the cycleways in Whangarei aren't really good enough - to go to this amount of effort and expense, and not have it smooth is a bit of a waste. No one wants dedunk dedunk dedunk at 20-30kmh for 3-4km every morning.

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