Sat 21 Jun 2014 1:20AM

Trust / Reputation

M Mikey Public Seen by 27

who are you and why should i trust you?

here we discuss ways to create a web of trust.


good article about internet reputation systems in the context of the "sharing economy"


Mikey Sat 21 Jun 2014 1:32AM

Web Payments describes a spec for how Agents can have cryptographic keys for signing, verifying, encrypting, and decrypting messages: Secure Messaging. a good web of trust is built on strong crypto. :)


Simon Tegg Mon 1 Sep 2014 9:11AM

This paper describes a 'transitive credit' implementation in json-ld. Could be used for trust/reputation and fairy gold.


Bob Haugen Mon 1 Sep 2014 4:17PM

@simontegg - very interesting, we're looking at it for valuing citations in value equations. Sensorica uses citations a lot, but how to reward them is another question.