Sun 19 Jan 2014 9:40PM


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according to our statutes, art. 14:

"1. Sponsors are companies who make donations, in various forms,

to the Association. They can be of Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze

level. The size and quality of donations for each level are determined

by the managing board each year. Sponsors participate in the advisory

committee (please see article 11)."

Now, we need to know what corresponds to each level in order to give a

scale to our sponsors.

The idea is to match an amount of money, given yearly, and the

visibility we can give them.

Here is a proposal submited to your appreciation as a start of the


-- 1000 to 4999 bronze

-- 5000 to 14999 silver

-- 15000 to 49999 gold

-- 50000 and over platinum

Each donation will be displayed in an easily accessible wiki page. We

might also think about a banner on the landing page: "sponsored by..."


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Do we accept this definition and suggested levels of sponsorship? Closed Wed 22 Jan 2014 9:07PM

Every donation gives a status of sponsor (regular).
Donations from 1000 Euro and above add also status of sponsorship:

-- 1000 to 4999 bronze

-- 5000 to 14999 silver

-- 15000 to 49999 gold

-- 50000 and over platinum


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Bernhard Rosenkränzer
Sun 19 Jan 2014 11:31PM

Makes sense, but we may want to adjust levels down somewhat if we simply don't find sponsors willing to give us that much (if we're there in 5 years and all we can display is that we've had a bronze sponsor at some point, it might make us look bad)


Anurag Bhandari
Mon 20 Jan 2014 2:55AM

No opposition from me, but I'll leave this to the better judgment of others. At any rate, I agree with Bero's position on this.


Vladimir Rubanov
Mon 20 Jan 2014 9:18AM

Good as an initial point but Bero points out a good argument - we might want to revisit this as we see how it settles down in practice.


Wayne Sallee
Mon 20 Jan 2014 10:57PM

I have no opinion on this. What ever y'all think is best.

Wayne Sallee


Raphaël Jadot
Tue 21 Jan 2014 6:42PM

I agree too.
About the "platinum" level I thing this is a really exceptional one (in fact the standard highest level is gold, platinum has been added as a super-gold :). I think it's not a real problem if no one gets it, 15000 for gold seems good.


Kate Lebedeff Mon 20 Jan 2014 2:34PM

Hi all, I see your point, and do agree with Bero. The figures here are realistic though - when looking at our expenses (yes, this is not equal to "guaranteed donations":)
Running servers alone is almost 12 000 per year, each physical meeting from 5000 and up, pack of promotion materials for Fosdem now: alltogether about 3000, and this is considering we are not taking first offer, we researched for good prices and producers. Etc. Just to give an idea of reasons behind amounts.


Colin Close Tue 21 Jan 2014 12:23AM

I'm going to play the devil's advocate a bit here. I am wondering if I was a sponsor whether I would like to be judged as being Bronze, Silver etc. Why don't we just state the amount and then put somewhere on the page the level of help that donation provides to OpenMandriva. As an example Company Societee donated 5000 euros . Then elsewhere on the page 5000 euro will finance attendence and promotion at FOSDEM.
The level of sponsorship can still be used internally to adjudge entitilements to exposure etc. I guess I am kind of saying what Bero has already said.The levels selected though seem fine to me.


Kate Lebedeff Tue 21 Jan 2014 11:52AM

@ Colin, I see your point, and it would be good to indicate where the money was used. Levels of sponsorship are classical thing though, I guess companies are used to it. Why it is good here imo - apart from other grounds, it gives an idea of the volume of needed funds.


jclvanier Tue 21 Jan 2014 1:37PM

I'm neither for nor against the level definitions.
At first, I thought that they are too high but we have to think about our growing in the future;)
We could also add that even if a sponsor (I think about eventual private sponsors, not companies) gives less than the bronze level, he can be simply displayed as "sponsor", if he wishes,