Wed 25 Apr 2018 9:07AM

$Jedi Communications/process

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Deleted User Wed 25 Apr 2018 9:17AM

From the 2 zoom meetings this week, there have been a couple of decisions made around communications moving forward. For the next 3 weeks, we will meet via zoom each Tuesday at 6.30 to attend to some things that feel to be pressing at the moment. Here is the zoom link for these meetings: Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/596240881
If you cannot join the zoom, do not worry. you can participate in the conversation in this sub group. I will post each of the points for discussion that came up as a new thread and then it is open up for ideas, suggestions, proposals. If anyone wants to raise anything that is not covered under these threads, just create a new thread!


Michaela Kennedy Sat 12 May 2018 8:26PM

Are these meetings continuing each week?


Deleted User Sun 13 May 2018 8:14AM

I can do next week, and after that I am not sure when or if I will have internet for the next 8 weeks.


Deleted User Sun 13 May 2018 8:13AM

Our next zoom is scheduled for Tuesday night. I understand that not everyone is able to join the zoom conversations, and encourage everyone to contribute to the conversations here on the loomio threads. I sense that there are still some disturbances around financial stuff and this is the place to raise these and participate in these conversations.


Michaela Kennedy Wed 27 Jun 2018 10:43PM

Not sure where to put this item so I hope this is ok.
We need clarity about what people can spend their bucket of money on. We are a not-for-profit, charity organisation which makes us bound by rules on company funds. From the auditors point of view all our funds are company funds. We run the company differently with individuals being responsible for their own buckets of money. So I think clarity is required about what, how to spend surpluses in our personal budgets. Maybe a process and a can and cannot list, not sure. I'm interested in hearing other's points of view.


Michelle Dunscombe Mon 2 Jul 2018 3:17PM

Would this question sit with the main Dollar Jedi (what do others think) Basically bucket money can only be spent on business related costs.


Deleted User Thu 28 Jun 2018 10:57AM

Maybe we need to start another thread for this-is it about allowable expenses?or about what to do with surplus?


Michaela Kennedy Mon 9 Jul 2018 10:03AM

I agree maybe another sub-group under the $ Jedi


Jason Emmins Mon 9 Jul 2018 10:23AM

Sounds like its both @kerry63- what is an allowable expense and what to do with surplus?


Deleted User Tue 10 Jul 2018 1:50AM

ATO covers allowable expenses. Re surplus, am not sure how an individual bucket have a surplus?

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