Time poll - minor issues

JG john gieryn Public Seen by 64

Hey Rob and @Greg Kan ,

I'm just going to really quickly list out a few things I've noticed after the last month, and as requested I'll come back and fill out details or help with reproduction

  1. "Time already added' when the time has not been added, particularly when the time is not on the hour (ie, I've typed in a number); when I add it again it (always?) succeeds

  2. Results are showing before I vote and (because it's above the voting tools) it looks a bit awkward

  3. Sometimes when I'm screensharing Firefox on Zoom the "Add" button is below my window and there is no way to scroll down; fairly awkward for demonstration (this has happened two or three times sorry I've neglected to report until now)

Thanks for your great work as ever!