Operation Chrysalis "Ask Me Anything" Session At Public Address

AT Alastair Thompson Public Seen by 133

Dear Scoop Community,

We have been very busy for the past couple of weeks at Scoop propelling along our Pledgeme campaign and preparing for the next phase of transformative activity.

A quick update for all Scoop's Loomio Online Community Members follows.

1. Firstly there are 9 days left in Scoop's Operation Chrysalis Pledgeme Campaign - We are now aiming to get to $50k which will enable us to get started on a mobile friendly (responsive design) version of Scoop.

2. I have posted a Chrysalis Update with some more information about Operation Chrysalis which focuses on the next phase of this activity - the launch of our "Invisible Paywall". As part of this I will be answering questions in a Public Address Guest Post & Thread about "Operation Chrysalis".

3. Some of you may have noticed that we reached our $30k Pledgeme Target last week. I have posted an update about reaching the target including a celebratory jump into the sea video - and some information about the large anonymous donation which sped us towards our target.

Kind Regards
Alastair Thompson
Scoop Publisher and Editor