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Lesson Plan 1 - Semi-final Draft

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We had an excellent response on the first draft and I think I've covered most of the comments. i would appreciate another round.


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Previous comments and notes;
On the title (Form a Group)
- We have pointed out and all agree that we want to get a mentor to the group as fast as we can. Eric has developed a contact package, an initial task list for these groups to form around (?) and a initial contact guidance form (presented at the may 14th meeting?). These efforts are very important to the process but not necessarily a part of the "Lesson Plan". Discussion marked Resolved

  • The Introductory Note has been revised based on Bob and Eric's suggestions. Specificity, we want the Spark to express his or her passion and capture that information for later use in the Mentor and Networking parts of the WGN program.

  • Bob suggested that we include the VENN Diagram as a "Characteristics of these groups". Concurred

  • The statement "Providing for a variety of activities that respond to the needs and interest of the members social needs strengthens individual performance in the service sphere." nested under "Finding activities that engage the interest of the group " drew some criticism. I've tried to reword it.

  • An ongoing issue will be the level of "geekism" in the groups. Somebody needs to put together a crimp sheet on it.

  • Eric made a comment regard caution in calling "...spark a leader. I suggest they be referred to as the initial group facilitator. It's to easy for the folks they gather to get used to having this leader make all the decisions. Very bad road to follow. It's the main reason most groups eventually fail. I've seen this pattern develop many times in my life."


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WGN Google Docs https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ShY-ydO16Auop6Tv2BlC5ENxgC_PJRIYiJ2Va5wHCKU/edit

Feel free to comment about the document on the document but bring the conversation about the document back to Loomio. Thanks


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