Tue 19 Jan 2021 10:27AM

Feature request: search by post author, more information in search results

DA Dani Ahrens Public Seen by 110

I'm a member of two Loomio groups, and in both groups people often have trouble finding old posts using the search facility.

The most recent example I have is a colleague today who wanted to search for a thread she started quite recently, which had a lot of responses from other people in the group. She couldn't remember the exact name of the thread, but she searched for a relevant keyword which was in the thread title.

The thread she wanted was actually the first hit on the search (great!), but she didn't recognise it because the two pieces of information she did know about it were not visible in the search results (see image).

Would it be possible to show the post author and number of replies in the search results?

And/or, is there a way to search by post author in a particular group/subgroup?