Sun 16 Jun 2013 7:43AM

EXTRA Q2:would you like to mention how tech can help Ss to win speech contests get into universities?

CP carla paloma Public Seen by 4

This is an attempt to illustrate how using smartphone apps or online free programs can help Ss succeed.

speech contests: my SSs won the prefectural competition, they used audio notes iphone apps for improving their skills and they kicked ass and won a trip to Tokyo.

university entrance: they need to have an interview where they ask them questions based on their applications. Ss study and memorize their applications since most questions are predictable and based on their essays. My Ss got into Kyushu university (a prestigious one). They used their smart-phones to record me and themselves. And also audacity (a free audio editor) to visualise their pronunciation patterns.



Robbie Blackburn Sun 16 Jun 2013 7:46AM

Sounds like a perfect case for one of the 4 big examples we can include