Sat 19 Jun 2021 4:40PM

Business Structure UPDATES!!

NJJ Nijil Jamal Jones Public Seen by 15

We are adding tasks to Marketing Department,

moving the delivery drivers to Production Branch,

and replacing Team Captains with spokes.


Sunni Ankh Sat 19 Jun 2021 4:53PM



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Business Structure UPDATES!! Closed Sat 26 Jun 2021 11:01PM

Pecan Milk has four (4) Branches:

"Kitchen" is in charge of: products, production, suppliers, inventory, labels, invoicing, delivery and distribution, research and development, equipment and facilities.

"Education, Training and Information Committee" is in charge of: professional development, check-ins and evaluations, interpretations of founding documents and governance procedures, Crew 2030 educational platform, education, the advisory board, minutes and notes. technology and software, website and hosting and graphic design.

"Cooperative Finance Organization (CFO)" is in charge of: bookkeeping, taxes and accounting, equity investments, compensation, budgeting and forecasting, cash flow and management, sales, grants, loans and fundraising.

"Marketing Department" is in charge of: branding, advertising, market analysis, events, intellectual property, demos, delivery and distribution, recipes, social media, guerrilla marketing, customer service, text message and e-mail marketing, inbound marketing and blogging, organizations, certifications, flyers, posters, merchandise, etc. This branch is in charge of the Monte & Kiwan Foundation that supports Southern artists and mutual aid via tax-deductible donations.


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Michele Mills
Sun 20 Jun 2021 4:50AM

I suggest a virtual assistant app to always have a human being answer the phone and take notes/give messages.

Much of your Customer base will be people who are old enough to have used the Milkman and Water Deliveries on a regular/ Monthly/Weekly basis, which because of traffic and some still afraid to venture out will be long time and regular Customers.

We will lose them right away if they cannot talk to a person. Those Virtual Assistants are ver affordable.


Thu 24 Jun 2021 4:27PM

I believe website belong in Marketing. The education parts on the website are in education, but the website is apart of our branding and culture which is in the marketing wheelhouse.