Mon 2 May 2022 1:47AM

Preparing for our next meeting

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This thread is to remind you that our next meeting is approaching

  • Date/Time: [date] at [time]

  • Location: [our office] and [video call]

Let's make the most of our time together by agreeing our meeting agenda in advance.

Focus of meeting

What are the most important issues we need to discuss?

Post a comment to suggest agenda items for discussion and nominate someone, or yourself, to introduce the topic and facilitate the discussion.

Draft Agenda

  • Check in

  • Status update - achievements and problems

  • Discussion topics

  • Opportunities for improvement

  • Decisions

  • Actions

Pre-reading materials

Please see the documents attached or posted in the comments below.

Actions from last meeting

How are you progressing with the actions agreed from our last meeting?

See our previous meeting Loomio thread linked here.

See the summary below and post a quick comment to let everyone know how you are doing.

  • action 1

  • action 2

  • action 3


Poll Created Wed 4 May 2022 5:43AM

I have read the pre-reading materials and submitted items I'd like to see in the agenda You have until Thu 28 Sep 2023 10:00PM to participate.

Please read the materials prior to our meeting, and reply with any items you would like to include in the agenda.

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