Wed 15 Apr 2020 4:45AM

New member gatekeeping procedure

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We have had some expressions of interest emerge organically from our limited visibility on the public internet. A solid process for managing onboarding needs to be developed so that we are introducing people to the group in a way that is comfortable for all.


pospi Mon 18 May 2020 8:29AM

Initial process now documented at https://economikit-alliance.github.io/book/governance-handbook/how-to-join-the-collective/ - I think this is going to serve us well for a while, closing this thread (:


jean m russell
Tue 21 Apr 2020 12:05PM

I dont know them.


Poll Created Wed 15 Apr 2020 4:56AM

We should invite Nicolas Wormser to the next meeting(s) until he stops in to say hi Closed Wed 22 Apr 2020 4:03AM

by pospi Wed 22 Apr 2020 6:32AM

Invite sent!

In lieu of diving in to some of the more in-depth discussions below, and taking into account that we are still a small group and @Carolyn Beer @Sid Sthalekar & myself all know Nicolas, it seems like a good idea to bring him in to our meetings so he can connect with the group that way. I was going to start including him in calendar invites going forward.

This may not work for him if he wants to play a more background role and limit his interaction to textual conversations, but again- for simplicity's sake this seems like a good way to move forward for now. Will loop back if expectations / intentions change.


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Noah Thorp Mon 18 May 2020 4:54PM

I like the reading list idea as long as its short. Generally speaking we may need to start tracking roles / responsibilities. Something similar to the lightweight self -organization constitution I've used before: https://github.com/CoMakery/self-organization-constitution

Welcoming committee / gatekeepers should have a clear understanding of what they are looking for so we're consistent and not just replicating the gatekeepers personal viewpoint/politics. To create some balance when 1 person sponsors/invites any 2 other members could chat with them keeping our collective criteria in mind - if the two other members agree then the invited person is a member and can participate in decision making. Some rotation / randomness of who the 2 members are that chat with the invited member would be healthy.


pospi Wed 15 Apr 2020 4:51AM

This follows on from, or perhaps deepens, the decisions we made collectively RE gatekeeping agreements. A few good questions were raised:

  • How do we decide who to admit and who doesn't fit well with the group?

  • Is knowing them through community some kind of criteria?

  • How engaged do they need to be with the agent centric / Holochain community?

Some reflections to these questions, which I think paint a somewhat clear path of how to proceed but which require some careful deliberation before doing so:

  • "Knowing people through community" and "being engaged with Holochain" sound like criteria which would lead to insular perspectives. Since our primary aim is diversifying thought, this seems counter-productive. But is some common ground necessary? How to balance this?

  • It might be good to have a smaller gatekeeping committee who has the role of meeting newcomers and getting to know them. Also provides a space to respond without breaking the whole-group membrane when there are concerns.

  • A "reading list" of our own material might be advisable. There will be key documents that newcomers will want to align on before deciding if they resonate with us.