Tue 17 Feb 2015 4:44AM

Open Space at OS//OS and how you'd like to contribute

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Open Space is a chance for any participant to name a topic or experience they would like to host, and invite other attendees to join them. We think there's a diverse wealth of expertise in the OS//OS community, and we want to create space for it to shine!

Here's a blog post with more details about Open Space and how it will work at the conference.

Please fill out this form if you want to host a session. And comment here to get the discussion going! You might inspire someone else to contribute something amazing, discover potential collaborators, or just get more fired up about your idea!

People are also discussing other ways they'd like to contribute to the OS//OS experience here.


Dan Milward Wed 18 Feb 2015 10:16PM

I want to volunteer on the day and I want to host a session of open source game development.

Ants and I talked about an Hour of Code approach.

Naturally I want inspiration and collaborators :)


Jaco van der Merwe Thu 19 Feb 2015 5:25AM

I'd like to add my tempered/moderated voice as a representative of the NZOSS, from a historic perspective where we try & grow Free Culture from this end, but I'm also keen on getting my hands dirty on the ground, to help out where I can (ref: similar to LCA volunteer/organizer).


Greg Cassel Fri 20 Feb 2015 7:29PM

I approach OS//OS from an arts and media background. I have a burning drive to transcend our polarized and dehumanizing media tendencies, which IMO cause lots of gridlock and learned helplessness. I'm radically nonviolent and I seek pragmatic approaches to positive goals.

OS//OS already has a deeply empowering orientation towards positive collaboration. I think this could be richly enhanced with some talk on the importance of empathy and emotional intelligence in developing a broadly inclusive, open society.

I'm passionate about sustainability wherever it counts, including enterprise and financing. With that in mind, I work lots on ideas for collaborative authorship and editorial standards, as well as bringing open and inclusive governance to crowdfunded initiatives. I'm sure I'll be able to connect lots of dots here with the OS//OS energy.

It currently seems unlikely that I'll be able to directly attend OS//OS due to time and money issues. I'm super excited just to think of attending by livestream, however-- and if any video conferencing opportunities arise, I'll be interested. :) I'm particularly keen to help sustain the learnings and connections that grow out of this bright gathering.


mix irving Sun 22 Feb 2015 8:18AM

i want to help open source the programme development. I want to see if we can open it up wider than a one-way form


Dan Milward Sun 22 Feb 2015 9:47AM

Interesting. The unconference approach at Kiwi Foo is cool.

The only risk would be if there isn't enough engagement between now and show time. What about an open source track?

That way if the experiment fails no harm done. If it works well then scale it next year?


Silvia Zuur Sun 22 Feb 2015 7:59PM

@mixirving @danmilward real keen to get your feedback on the programme. We be announcing the basic frame work today. I'll post it here when it is live


Greg Cassel Sun 22 Feb 2015 8:41PM

Being a bit bigmouthed here for a noob: I imagine that a super open sourced, open sociefied future will feature open and inclusive design of scheduled activities, whenever scheduling seems desirable. (For instance, people certainly have to make or to not make travel plans.) This depends very much on who the stakeholders, investors and responsible people are. Determination of stakeholders, investors and responsible people is a big area in which we can culturally and economically open up.

At the same time, it should be noted that semi-designed events could leave significant room for an 'unconference' idea such as
"Typically at an unconference, the agenda is created by the attendees at the beginning of the meeting."

Perhaps there would still be time for OS//OS 2015 to hybridize some aspects of its developmental process. I think it's going to be awesome even if it is, in some ways, a stepping stone toward more thoroughly collaborative futures.


Jaco van der Merwe Sun 22 Feb 2015 8:54PM

I think the inclusion of un-conference/BoF streams are becoming more the norm - at least there's a lean towards it in some conf's I've attended


Dan Milward Sun 22 Feb 2015 9:33PM

@silviazuur ... will do :)

In terms of Open Sourcing it? I would only ever have an un-conference track and I would start small and I'd grow it over a couple of years. If it works great... if it fails who cares. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I guess what @jacovandermerwe is saying.

I don't think you'd get people buying tickets for this if it wasnt well organised and there was a demonstrably awesome line up. I certainly wouldn't and I am your target audience (i love open source, we make open source stuff and survive and we have some money to buy tickets).

The ethos of Open Source isnt that everything should be free. It is actually quite the opposite, OS needs to feed us and provide for us but just in a morally conducive way.

To be honest what makes conferences happen are people who DO things. I fully trust you and @anthonycabraal to do this conference and my advice coming from a place of passion passion passion commons commons commons commons commons heart heart heart passion passion is that you guys stick to your guns.

I'll never forget when Matt Mullenweg posted this:-


Alanna Irving Sun 22 Feb 2015 9:47PM

The programme will be a mix of speakers, facilitated sessions, planned thematic streams, and open space. There will be plenty of opportunity for people to bring their own ideas, knowledge, and skills and share in various ways, while being held in an overall structure carefully thought through by experienced interactive conference designers.


Jaco van der Merwe Sun 22 Feb 2015 9:51PM

What could the expected schedule/streams look like?
Possibly an un-conference of multiple streams, with confirmed guest peppered into slots - similar to Gather?


Alanna Irving Sun 22 Feb 2015 11:50PM

@silviazuur is planning to publish info about the program very soon. Today I think.


Kelly Cheesman Thu 26 Feb 2015 8:21AM

Hi, here is a brain dump from me. I'm only just starting to formulate these ideas but im keen to see what i can bring to OSOS.

I’m thinking of running a discussion or something around how to engage non 'programmers' to contribute to open source software/products. I'm specifically thinking about the value of UI design and dev, UX thinking, and design.
I'm talking mainly how do we (community) help lower the barrier of entry for a range of contribution to open source products. What information and resources are available that talk about design integration and how do teams usually deal with 'non functional' pull requests and the like.
designers/front enders - do you have the skills and desire to contribute, what are the challenges, how can we/someone help facilitate you to become involved, what information is needed from maintainers for you to know that your skills might be needed?

Im also thinking of making a list: reaching out to software maintainers that would like UI/UX help and hooking them up with those that have the skills and desire to contribute.

There are many many challenges here. One is that there will be some hand holding that needs to happen. I have a vague idea about a buddy system.

Another idea is to write up guidelines for interacting, some case studies (like Ask Away and Loomio and Atomic) resources for what works, what are the difficulties, etc.


Greg Cassel Thu 26 Feb 2015 5:05PM

Thanks @kellycheesman1 that's an awesome bunch of ideas and challenges. I relate lots on this subject of how to lower the barrier of entry for contribution and also, I'd say, inclusive decision-making (by core teams) for open source projects. The subject of inclusive decision-making necessarily touches on the creative subject of forked versions, and the question of when and when not to strike out on a different path.

I hope to be more engaged here myself when I have time. I want to note for everyone, someone did put a programme on the website now. I have no idea how firmly developed those time slots are, but it's probably a good idea for everyone to check that out!


Kelly Cheesman Wed 1 Apr 2015 10:22AM

so things have changed a bit since I've posted (still very interested in engagement of non programmers, especially design side of things) but I will be putting my energy into the Diversity stream. Contributions to the event? I'm scheming up a Tea Party of sorts as a meet and greet for those on the Github sponsored diversity tickets and for those who want to talk about community / education / outreach diversity projects. I've booked this in at 3pm during the scheduled Afternoon Tea slot on the thursday. Looking for co-conspirators. Please see my comment in the thread https://www.loomio.org/d/ckDa2tTC/encouraging-diversity for more details.


PAN & BAM | Creator: Stephen Chernishov Tue 14 Apr 2015 10:35AM

Hi Kelly,

I really like your comments, and do enjoy drinking tea - so have placed this event into my calendar..

I'm a designer with a lot of experience in the education space and collaborating with developers to build web stuff.