Mon 2 Jul 2018 4:46PM

New governance for the Sensorica Montreal Lab

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In June 2018 the Sensorica Montreal lab's location was moved. In order to better share the costs of maintaining a lab space, we need to improve the lab governance.

The Sensorica Montreal lab rules are written here.

The public version is here

Information about lab access is also published on the Sensorica website here.


* Open the Sensorica Montreal lab rules document and look for the text in red, these are the proposed changes by Tibi.
* Read the entire document and use comments to propose improvements.
* Participate in discussions about these rule changes here on Loomio, or in the document, using comments.

* Once we reach consensus those with voting power will be invited to vote (based on past contributions to Sensorica).

Log your time here [requires description of your work, and perhaps a link to a digital trace]


Tiberius Brastaviceanu Mon 2 Jul 2018 5:02PM

In the past, the lab access rules stipulated that 'Sensorica affiliates do not need to contribute to expenses. A Sensorica affiliate was simply defined as an individual logging contributions in the Sensorica NRP, for projects or for the community. This definition was loose, because there was not contribution amount threshold associated with it. A lot of individuals were using the lab without contributing much to the community or contributing to the expenses associated with operating the lab. I believe that putting a high enough threshold to contributions (30h/month) will place some of these individuals in the Fablab member category, which makes them financial contributors. Those who contribute a certain amount of time tot he community earn their right to use our shared lab for free.


Hadi Shamieh Mon 2 Jul 2018 7:50PM

Great updates! I highly appreciate the new additions, especially that of the 30hr/mo contribution requirement. It is very important to define a minimum contribution hours to give a reference to encourage community engagement. My only concern here is that people with full-time jobs may find it hard to find around 8 hours a week. I have a feeling that dropping it to 24, and making it very strict may be more inclusive.


Tiberius Brastaviceanu Tue 3 Jul 2018 1:51AM

Hi Alex, the lab has had good days as well as bad days. In terns of money, the network had made some and spent some. Sensorica has been a beacon for the collaborative econony for the past 8 years, with lots of achievements. We have inspired a lot of people around the world with our bold ideas, hard work and determination. I don't think we can reduce all that to "does the lab make money or not". Sensorica is not a bussiness in the traditional sense. It is an experiment, it is a journey, it is an example, ...


Tiberius Brastaviceanu Tue 3 Jul 2018 1:53AM

Point taken. I would delete this comment to keep the thread clean and clear, and address the project idea elsewhere - off topic. Thanks Alex.


Tiberius Brastaviceanu Sat 7 Jul 2018 8:24PM

Any other reactions and proposition? Next, I will propose a way to filter those who can vote, based on past contributions to Sensorica (a governance equation). This will be a precedent, so perhaps we'll decide on that one on a new Loomio.