Wed 6 Mar 2019 8:49PM

Knowledge Trail KT_HCKerWeave

GJ Gesso Jezzos Public Seen by 134

This initiative is to make some varied Knowledge Trails to explain tech to people in simple english with an example, and point to the exact terms, details and best onboarding stuff.

Weavers and Hackers meet at the pivotal intersection where the right information can catalyse and align; with the magnified flow of what is happening, and what could make it better.


skreutzer Fri 8 Mar 2019 1:22AM

Oh wait, just realizing, is "making some varied Knowledge Trails" refering to recording video content? Wouldn't be Knowledge Trails software be a precondition to make it cool (maybe not necessarily so, or not needed for kicking off the process or a MVP, or do it in parallel in terms of Engelbartian bootstrapping)? More importantly, as the first question, who wants/needs the result? Minor question: is this specific proposal related to what's called the "open source movie" on the map about the topics for the next meeting?


Gesso Jezzos Mon 11 Mar 2019 11:46AM

I just heard about the open-source movie thing and no it is not related. it is something that I've been thinking about a long time and it's closer to sharing a interactive knowledge trail and allowing someone to see your long tail so they can understand the context without going to university.


skreutzer Tue 12 Mar 2019 10:14PM

Have heard you mentioning Knowledge Trails for a long time now, but was never aware what you're referring to, and until recently, I would have assumed that it is a term for paths on your maps. Also, I find the name somewhat problematic/polluted: are you explicitly referring to or know about Vannevar Bush, and if so, what? Anyway, never mind, these aren't issues at all as far as I'm concerned. I like the notion of the "long tail", recalls my episode with the publishing industry ;-) Do you know about David Gelernter's Lifestreams, and if so, what? With the help of your clarification, is this thread about a content curation and/or creation project or about the tools to support it (or both, in the same or separate threads)?


mitch Wed 10 Jun 2020 7:37AM

Problems folder grows, I wish 2 go where no one else has been before and leave a trail. maybe creating nano meta knowledge base entries in the database included free. counting time and weighted for relevance and feedback generating value for membership and outcomes that help the collective get through the riotous chaos unscathed. Cloud virtual ledger in the sky.💎


mitch Wed 10 Jun 2020 7:40AM

Collective Organic Virtual Intelligence Database (CoVid)