Mon 6 Apr 2020 7:02AM

Unable to start a public thread

X Xavi Public Seen by 204

In two groups I manage, I have both public and private threads. I am not able today to start a public thread, only a private one. Any hint?


Xavi Mon 6 Apr 2020 7:02AM



Greg Kan Tue 7 Apr 2020 1:47AM

hi @Xavi, we are currently revising parts of the architecture around privacy. we want to be able to support, for example, invite-only threads. so the public thread feature is currently disabled. it should be back in a couple of weeks.

if you give me some more context for what you are trying to do, i might be able to help you think of a workaround?


Xavi Fri 17 Apr 2020 1:13PM

It's fine to know it's not that I have done something wrong, and that this feature will be back soon. Thank you !


Xavi Tue 5 May 2020 10:36AM

I have a loomio partly public, partly private, which I find very helpful. I would appreciate to get a hint when the public thread feature will be back.


Rob Guthrie Tue 5 May 2020 6:54PM

Hi @Xavi - Public threads are still available, but not in closed groups. So just make a public group!


Rob Guthrie Tue 5 May 2020 6:55PM

@Xavi you can even make private subgroups within the public group, if you later want to have private threads too.