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your open questions

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Hey you! Post your open question here, critique, discuss and rebuild those questions.

What does open mean to you? What does it mean for your business, organisation, or project? What concerns do you have?
How do you value open?


How are we going to define open?

In recent times, the word open has been used and abused. For us open means aiding and encouraging the human urge to share, explore and improve. Anything that thwarts peoples’ desire to share, explore, and improve is closed, not open.

The recent move towards openness in the digital world was enabled by the Internet, as the most powerful communications infrastructure that has ever existed, which was built on free and open source software. This digital movement taps into the underlying human urge for openness that has always existed.

OS/OS is a celebration of efforts to consciously reverse practises that deny people the right to share, to participate, to collaborate. We celebrate “the commons”, both physical and virtual, and work to improve commonly-held resources that benefit all, rather than exploit them for our own limited gain.

open principles

-Freedom to innovate


Jaco van der Merwe Wed 4 Mar 2015 5:09AM

overlap, possible duplicate of what-is-open tread?


Simon Jarvis Wed 4 Mar 2015 5:20AM

Hey @jacovandermerwe - idea here is that our champions & speakers will post their open question here, rather than debating the meaning of open itself.

We want to use this thread to start breaking down the barriers and answering those questions that individuals and companies have when it comes to 'open' :)


Simon Jarvis Fri 13 Mar 2015 3:03AM

Excerpt from facebook discussion: Do commons principles already exist in cities? Community gardens, or community permaculture systems? Do some suburban communities already exist in a pseudo commons state? When building a city, do you ever really start from scratch? Can new cities be built using commons structures in both tangible and intangible areas, based on currently existing and implemented forms of commons?


Simon Jarvis Fri 13 Mar 2015 3:04AM

Above came from this question: [Michael Reynolds] Sure....one question I have is how can you use a concept like the commons in a building of a city - both the physical landscape and the social structures that should accompany????


Dimitar Fri 13 Mar 2015 3:12AM

Same question with any conventionally non open system.
what are the key elements to make it more open - governance structure, control, decision making mechanisms etc.?


Simon Jarvis Fri 13 Mar 2015 3:23AM

Could be about empowerment of communities? Shifting the community mindset, giving permission through empowerment? Community involvement is a huge aspect in the commons structure from what I understand.


Greg Cassel Fri 13 Mar 2015 3:42AM

Here is one of my most basic interests and questions:

What is the proper role of outside investment, and investors, in open business?


Simon Jarvis Fri 13 Mar 2015 4:04AM

@gregorycassel Open business == built on the ideas of transparency, stakeholder inclusion, accountability. Things like FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), Open Source, Open Content, Commons, etc. The idea of outside investment? Well the cash helps things run along, but if it's commons then that might not be needed? What if the investment was time and non-financial resources? What does the investment garner? A shareholding? Is that something that still exists in this model of Open business?

From my perspective we need to define what open business means, before we can talk about outside investment? :) Ah! Such interesting. Also, for an 'open business model' you should check out https://open.bufferapp.com/buffer-values/ from Buffer - they pride themselves in being open and transparent _^


Greg Cassel Fri 13 Mar 2015 6:08AM

Oh my goodness @simonjarvis your customer service is immaculate! :)

I agree 100% on your opening descriptors for open business: transparency, inclusion, accountability. Thanks for the extra questions. People should IMO talk about these things all of the time, possibly even in their sleep! I'm a fan of the Buffer values.

Oh hey, is anyone gonna talk about cryptocurrencies at OS//OS?


Simon Jarvis Fri 13 Mar 2015 11:12PM

Haha thanks @gregorycassel ! :)

Excellent, I think that from this you could form an open business model, something that involves these values. Or more to the point would this be the start of the open guide to open business investment? Do you have thoughts on this @silviazuur ?

re: crypto, not sure. We don't currently have anyone lined up for that, but then again @silviazuur will know more around this.

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