Thu 5 Dec 2013 4:50AM

Loomio and the wider PIM community

AS Alina Siegfried Public Seen by 6

I'm thinking it would be beneficial for the development of our little community if we were to open up this group to the public.

Anyone from the wider PIM community could come on here and start discussions, which would open us up to the collective wisdom, ideas and talents of the community. We would also have the PIM Core Organisers sub-group for any discussions which we don't want to be open to the public.

Thoughts? Once we've had some discussion on here, I'll create a formal proposal that we can all vote on :) For now, the group is set to "Secret".

Whoop Loomio!


Randi Janelle Sat 7 Dec 2013 9:32PM

I think it's cool to open up for others to post. I suppose they would still be able to email info through the website if they had something private they wanted to say to us.


Travis Cottreau Sat 7 Dec 2013 9:57PM

I like the idea of getting more people involved in our decisions - it has a democratic feel to it. Something like a new venue would be perfect, since more people means more ideas for where the new venue might be.


Travis Cottreau Sat 7 Dec 2013 10:12PM

More: I think we should almost have a different group for the PIM community though. There are clearly decisions that we want to make for ourselves. We don't want everyone making those. Just my thought.


Alina Siegfried Sun 8 Dec 2013 12:54AM

Travis, a subgroup nested under this one would solve that problem. I've already created one called "PIM Core Organisers" but wanted to wait to see how this discussion played out before sending out invites.


Travis Cottreau Sun 8 Dec 2013 11:26PM

Sounds solved. Nice. Thanks for that Ali.


Alina Siegfried Tue 10 Dec 2013 2:55AM

@lonnarddeanwatkins @michaelgray What are your thoughts on opening up to the wider community?


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Open up "Poetry in Motion" Loomio group up to the wider community Closed Thu 19 Dec 2013 4:02AM


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Poll Created Thu 19 Dec 2013 4:08AM

Open up "Poetry in Motion" Loomio group up to the wider community Closed Tue 31 Dec 2013 5:00AM

PIM's first official proposal on Loomio!

We've had the discussion, so now it's time to vote.... do we open up this group to the public and invite any PIMsters to contribute? Bearing in mind that we can have a private sub-group for the discussions that we only want organisers to engage in.

Can you please formally vote on this proposal, with one of the hand icons - Yes, abstain, no or block. You can also post a comment along with your vote.

Please vote before the 31st Dec deadline!


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Alina Siegfried
Thu 19 Dec 2013 4:08AM

I think the our PIM community could add valuable input into how we develop


Travis Cottreau
Mon 30 Dec 2013 5:18AM

Hmmm... I'm sure I already agreed on this. I think it's a good thing. Some, specific items work best with more people, like a new venue say.


Lonnard Dean Watkins
Mon 30 Dec 2013 5:32AM

Think it makes sense as we are an inclusive group and some of the regulars could have good ideas


Alina Siegfried Sat 4 Jan 2014 12:40AM

Hey everyone - thanks for voting on the proposal. Travis to answer your question, yes you had already indicated that you supported the idea of opening up this group to the general public - but I wanted to put forth an official proposal that you could vote on with the hand signals - if nothing else, just to get you familiar with how the different functions work :)

I'll change our privacy settings and post on our Facebook page.