Tue 9 Aug 2022 10:43AM

Introducing the Fair Club

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Hi fellow cooperators, we have created a promotion with a cooperative twist!

If you are a cooperative member you will get a 40% discount on our booking fees instead of the standard 30% that we apply to those who join the Fair Club.

How it works:

It is a very simple subscription service.

  • You pay €19,99 / Year - no automatic renewals, the price of 1 coffee a month - to get an immediate discount of 30% on the platform fees.

  • If you are a member of a cooperative worldwide and you can reasonably prove it, we will give you a 40% discount instead!

  • The next time you book a stay with us, in the next 12 months following your payment, you will still contribute fully to local projects and local partners BUT you will save money on the part of the fees that stays in the coop. Everybody wins!

  • Every month, starting from September 2023, you will start receiving monthly discounts, vouchers and useful resources from our fair and sustainable partners worldwide and we would love to involve the CO-OP DATA CLUB in this process.

Why is important to Join the Fair Club:

The 1-year membership gives fairbnb.coop time and resources to grow NOW and to get onboard more communities and hosts, we are sure that within a year we will be able to find hosts in locations of your interest!

A great value as a gift for friends, clients, colleagues and employees.

Instead of the usual gift that dries in a vase or gets forgotten in a drawer, you can purchase our Fair Club membership in bulks and give it to the people that are important to you as a sustainable gift that will make them dream of their next holiday while conveying yours and their commitment to solidarity and sustainability.

We think it could be a great gift for valued customers of companies that want to support sustainability, for friends that love to travel, for your relatives or even as a benefit for the staff of your company.

We are also open to co-marketing initiatives and partnerships, especially with other cooperatives!

A Fair Club membership could be a great prize for an online contest and a giveaway, an affordable way to create around added value for your brand, website, product o service.

Let's brainstorm! If you get some ideas or you have some feedback on the initiative, write to us at [email protected]