The need to appoint a 1st & 2nd Delegate for this Working Group

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Hi everyone, I have just noticed that there is no Delegate for this Social Media group to report back information from this working group to the Inner Circle at the Inner Circle Meetings. We will need one of you to nominate yourselves to the position of Delegate - otherwise we will not be able to hear any news from Social Media. Please feel free to nominate yourselves or discuss this.
The 1st delegate is Tom Oliveri and the 2nd delegate is Ricky Jeffereys.


Joum Sun 21 Sep 2014 6:57AM

Thanks Oliver. None of the main people have time for this. Malcom or Tom or both might be interested. Tom is busy in the Software tho. Peter posts to SOL FB so he is a potential too. I think it needs a much more prolific social-interneter.


Tom Oliveri Wed 24 Sep 2014 5:52AM

I'd be glad to be a delegate for this group, I've got some background in Social Media, while my title was Data Coordinator at Kincrome I did assist in their Social Media efforts and learnt a great deal.


Joum Wed 24 Sep 2014 6:45AM

I don't think there needs to be a vote as there is no challenger. If anyone objects we will hold a vote then. Lets use common sense and accept Toms offer to be delegate.

OK @tomoliveri ?

I will give Tom access to the Members Coordinator (like admin in loomio) Go to https://www.loomio.org/g/TNGdJbCn/senator-online-inner-circle-social-media and where see members, click 'more' and all will be reveled, but I think you know that?


Joum Wed 24 Sep 2014 6:49AM

Thanks Tom. You should be able to edit the SocialMedia Home page title. Please put your name and any other details you want. In the title space, I think the character numbers are limited, so in other pages we use a link to a discussion within the sub-group and you can write heaps there.


Tom Oliveri Wed 24 Sep 2014 6:53AM

I'll get to work on an action plan over the next week or so.


Oliver Minter Wed 24 Sep 2014 11:38AM

fantastic guys.!!...


Joum Wed 24 Sep 2014 9:07PM

Tom, you can post in the ic now.


Ricky Jefferyes Fri 26 Sep 2014 8:29AM

I was never sure if I was the delegate of this group or not. I'm happy for Tom to take the position though. It sounds as though he has a lot of appropriate experience.


Ricky Jefferyes Fri 26 Sep 2014 8:30AM

I'll be the second delegate if no one else wants it.


Oliver Minter Sat 27 Sep 2014 2:35AM

i suggest someone writes up in the intro that the 1st delegate is Tom and the 2nd delegate is Ricky.

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