Thu 15 Dec 2016 7:19AM

Hold a monthly meeting

NS Nate Smith Public Seen by 338

We're going to look to hold a monthly meeting via chat space to update and discuss active work. We'll use the time to address any issues as well as ensure there are no significant gaps.


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Meet on the first Tuesday of every month Closed Sat 31 Dec 2016 4:01PM

Every first Tuesday we'll hold a 30-min chat meeting at 16:30 UTC.


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Nate Smith
Thu 15 Dec 2016 4:01PM

Sounds good to me.


Blake Girardot HOT/OSM
Thu 15 Dec 2016 4:04PM

I can go either way, whatever everyone else thinks is good me.


Blake Girardot HOT/OSM Thu 15 Dec 2016 4:03PM

Do we need a monthly meeting? Would as needed meetings be better? I am all for some meetings, just not sure about one every month.


Nate Smith Thu 15 Dec 2016 4:15PM

@blakegirardot Fair point, I think monthly meetings here will be quick. The main point would be to provide a quick place to check in, understand and update, and then help act on any business.