Feb 2018 - Save Newtown Post office and Kiwibank - petition forms etc.

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Received from the President of the Newtown Resident's Association:

Good evening all

This is about the Newtown campaign to get a hearing from Government about what we will be losing if NZ Post and Kiwibank close in Newtown. I must apologise for being slow in getting these resources to you - I didn't have them on my computer and it was a while before I got them sent to me. Our thanks goes to David Wilcock of Amadeus Hair, representing the the Newtown Business group, for preparing these and providing them - all except the letter from the Residents Association.

Attached you will find an outline letter for people to send to the Minister for State Owned Enterprises Winston Peters,, a copy of the letter our Newtown Residents' Association wrote to him before Christmas ( polite acknowledgement from his office but nothing further as yet}, an info sheet about the topic, a petition form and a notice for businesses etc to put in their window to say they have the petition form available. There is also this link to an online petition.

We understand that people in the rest of the southern ward are affected by these closures. as well as us, so I am inviting you to circulate these among your members and/or print off the petition for people to sign. If you let me know when you have got completed forms (if you get them!) I will happily pick them up from you.

I would also be interested to hear the views and stories of people in your areas about this. Does it matter to them, are they happy or unhappy with the service provided by postal agencies if thats what you have in your area, etc,

There will be another meeting on Sunday at 2pm in the pop-up shop at 199 Riddiford St (next to Newtown Mall) and everyone is welcome to attend.

Best wishes

Rhona Carson

Newtown Residents' Association