Mon 12 Feb 2018 6:57PM

Extended Linking for Cause Civies (With Outline intigration)

MDW MItchell D. West Public Seen by 307

I propose that we structure linking to only link up the chain (No links for problems, Causes to problems, Causes to causes, and solutions to causes).

Whenever a cause is linked to a cause, we will create a new section in the outline (we probably want to give the editor edit power over the titles, but it could be formulaic. i.e. Link A Link B Link C Etc).

We may want to freeze the outline structure on publication so that the outline doesn't continue to expand?

I'm hoping this thread can he a space to discuss the viability of the design, as well as technical challenges involved. Once we solidify the design we can propose a vote.


Paul Tue 13 Feb 2018 2:47PM

I think this could be powerful, but it is not a trivial task to make the change.

I propose we see if any beta-users/users feel similarly and then decide whether to make the change. I think it's more important to push the product forward rather than get everything right initially.