Tue 12 Dec 2017 9:59AM

Forum Rules Development

CS Colin Smith Public Seen by 98

This forum is for "Policy Development" and conversations should be restricted to such topics.

Comment is invited for the following which is a first draft of developing rules for conversations held in this forum.
The following documents were copied by myself almost “As Complete” from the “Deep Politics Forum”

Rules of Engagement.pdf

The changes I have made are to make the document refer to our forum which is “Policy Development” and replace names with our party name where applicable. Areas in red need deleting or rephrasing to suit.

I think “The Guide to Spy’s” should be required reading by ALL who join this forum. This document has received no alteration by myself.


BrainWithBalls Tue 12 Dec 2017 11:07AM

What have you been smoking?

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IP Jo Booth Thu 14 Dec 2017 6:47AM

Thanks @colinsmith - good stuff. In New Zealand the copyright exemptions are called “fair dealing” - there’s a good guide attached.

Up until now, the only “rule” has been “constructive respectful dialog” so this is an attempt to refine that and spell out what that is. General common-sense, should apply, but it’s a fairly grey area, so keen to get these Rules of Engagement working for all. :fingers_crossed:


Jo Booth Thu 14 Dec 2017 5:42PM

Personally I dislike the word forum - I picture old-school things. I'd like it to just call this an Incubator -- yes a collaborative online forum, but doesn't need Forum in the name or title. Does Incubator work for everyone - or does forum make more sense?


Suzie Dawson Fri 15 Dec 2017 7:55AM

Wow that is a fantastic find and contribution, well done!!


Fred Look Sat 16 Dec 2017 12:11AM

Here is another resource that participants might find useful



Colin Smith Sun 17 Dec 2017 7:35AM

The executive have voted to adopt immediately the “Draft” document into policy for the forum rules.

Changes to be made:

  • The New Zealand “Fair Dealings will be included in the section referring to copyright.
  • Wording will be changed from New Zealand Internet Party to Internet Party of New Zealand or IPNZ. (My Error)

Under development / discussion:

The section on “user names” V "real names" and other personal information is somewhat dependent on the developers of the Loomio software.

When voting on issues of policy development, this will need to be by party members only.
* The Incubator should be open to "everyone" wishing to contribute to the discussion.
* However - Voting on “Final Policy” needs to be restricted to Party Members.
* To be a member of the party - IPNZ will require your real name and address to cross reference you with the electoral role to ensure that you are legally allowed to vote in New Zealand.