Tue 17 Aug 2021 10:37PM


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Does anyone know why this website is down / who maintains it? Seems to have been like this for at least half a year..


Simon Grant Wed 18 Aug 2021 7:34AM

I don't know them at all, but just saying I've had an interest in recruitment systems for many years so might be interesting to talk with them and others in the space.


Graham Wed 18 Aug 2021 8:15AM

Hi Sean. Try tweeting them.https://twitter.com/democraticjobs


Graham Wed 18 Aug 2021 8:21AM

I have a feeling that it might have been someone from Glowbox, maybe Jason Chrysostomou, but their website is offline 😟


Chris Croome (Webarchitects Co-operative) Thu 19 Aug 2021 8:51AM

There is a thread about the site here however Jason's email address, as registered at the CoTech forum, can't be used to contact him as there is no MX record for glowboxdesign.co.uk -- I guess the co-op no longer exists?


Billy Smith Fri 20 Aug 2021 11:30AM


@Jason Chrysostomou is also messageable on FB if you're on there.


Jason Chrysostomou Thu 26 Aug 2021 10:14AM

Hello Sean. Jason here. I am part of the team at Glowbox behind the DemocraticJobs site (we changed our domain to glowbox.coop ). To give you an update, we paused work on Democratic Jobs last year in order to focus on another project, but I'd like to restart work on it again. I'd also like to get others who are interested involved. The initial site was based on manual job postings and I have some ideas about how to work on a next version of the site that could populate the jobs through automation. If anyone is interested on working on this with me, let me know. I am thinking to create an open source project and will share details here.


@Leo Sammallahti ?


Leo Sammallahti Tue 31 Aug 2021 6:53PM

Thanks Cath, didnt notice this thanks for tagging me! @Jason Chrysostomou my email is [email protected], would love to help out if there is anything I can do, have few potential ideas for the site as well :)


Jason Chrysostomou Fri 3 Sep 2021 9:58AM

Thanks Leo. I have sent you an email.


James Baster Tue 7 Sep 2021 8:28AM

Thanks for your work on this and good to hear.

> The initial site was based on manual job postings and I have some ideas about how to work on a next version of the site that could populate the jobs through automation.

I'd really love it if we could push that. Having done a lot of job postings, it can be a pain. https://schema.org/JobPosting would be the first thing I'd consider. I'm happy to discuss, but not sure how much time I can dedicate.


Jason Chrysostomou Tue 14 Sep 2021 10:18AM

Thanks, I've had a look at the jobs schema. What I am less sure about is the best approach for how to collect and aggregate the data from different sources. Have you ever worked on something like that?


James Baster Tue 14 Sep 2021 10:39AM

We're Open Data Services Coop so yes :-) Happy to have a chat sometime


Jason Chrysostomou Wed 15 Sep 2021 10:50AM

Great! I'll message you about arranging a chat.


freescholar Sun 19 Sep 2021 7:41PM

We use Drupal and there is a way to use 'feeds' to aggregate info - not
sure outside of that, but you could send a note to [email protected] where
my partners Chris and Ben may know of what you speak.

In Solidarity,

Micky Metts
Agaric Technology Collective ~ FreeScholar
https://agaric.coop - We are your Cooperative Tech Ally.
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Jason Chrysostomou Tue 21 Sep 2021 1:51PM

Thank you Micky. I will email chris and ben.


Sean Farmelo Wed 1 Sep 2021 5:08PM

Thanks for getting back to me Jason. I'm not really techy at all but have used the site for listings in the past so just wanted to check what was going on. If there is a struggle to get it sorted I like to think it's something that would come under the Solidfund support banner as job visibility is really important for worker co-ops.


Jason Chrysostomou Fri 3 Sep 2021 10:02AM

Great to hear you found the site valuable Sean. I am going to get a team together to kickstart work on it and will provide an update soon. Applying for support from Solidfund is a very good suggestion.