FSCI October Meetup

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We conducted previous meetup on June, mostly focused on updation of poddery tos and privacy policies. Poddery now have a privacy policy and terms of service. One task left to do is fsci wiki updation and i believe we can discuss that in this meetup. Lets conduct October month's meetup on this Sunday (14th). Here is a rough list of topis to be discussed in the meet, you can comment if anything is missed or need to be changed.

  • Restarting poddery funding campaign.
  • Wiki updation and improving documentation.
  • Discussion on resource management for services.
  • Discussion on pending tasks.
  • Presenting reports on conducted events.
  • Plans for programs in next months.
  • Discussing about EU's actions and their aftereffects.

Location suggestions are requested, Thrissur and Kozhikkode are currently available options.

Update: Location is School inside Calicut University Campus (around 300 meters from the main bus stop). Map: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/165599011

Meetup Updates

Ranjith, Mujeeb, Srud, Praveen, Kannan, Ijas and Ambady were presented in the meetup.

Program started at 10.45am and continued till 4pm. Hussainar mash was present at the beginning of meeting, but later he had to leave us.

First four of above topics were discussed in the meetup.
* Started with restarting poddery funding campaign.
-- Srud made a report on June-September expenses and we are running on negative balance.
-- Ambady took the responsibility to coordinate the funding campaign.
-- Funding with gofundme is not possible because it is not available for india.
-- Campaigns were decided to start with Milaap and Indiegogo.
-- 18th October was set to do finalize the video production for poddery campaign.
-- A possibility to contact colleges for the promotion of Poddery was discussed and decided to start campaigning on coming days.
-- Create a page for funding campaign.

  • Meeting decided that there should be an effort to list all free software communities in India, right now these communities are disconnected and no communication or collaboration between them.

  • A business card idea for FSCI services was discussed.

  • Documentations for all fsci services should be cleaned and updated in the wiki.

  • Backup for all services must be set as soon as possible.

  • Security for all services should be hardened as soon as possible.

  • Promoting the use of peertube instance was discussed.

Discussion on further programs couldn't be conducted because of lack of time. But lets continue that discussion on Loomio.


Wed 10 Oct 2018 12:49PM

Want to take a break also. I had another meeting with Keralapadanam team. But may skip that.


Tanzeem Mohammad Basheer
Wed 10 Oct 2018 1:33PM

Preferred venue: near calicut university.


Nandakumar Edamana
Wed 10 Oct 2018 1:45PM

I might be able to participate if it is near Calicut University, as Tanzeem Mohammad Basheer has suggested.


Kannan V M
Wed 10 Oct 2018 2:06PM



Pirate Praveen
Wed 10 Oct 2018 2:24PM

Calicut preferred, but can come to other places too


Kannan V M
Wed 10 Oct 2018 2:36PM

Thrissur preferred, anywhere is okay


Wed 10 Oct 2018 2:44PM

thrissur preferred, but calicut is also ok


Kannan Shanmugam
Thu 11 Oct 2018 1:04AM

if it is in EK M I will try


Thu 11 Oct 2018 4:34AM

Thrissur preferred, anywhere is okay


Thu 11 Oct 2018 4:35AM

I will come. Thrissur is the preffered Destination

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